March Workouts

I workout for ME!Well I did not post the March 2014 workout and challenge plans on Thursday, mainly because I had not decided what I wanted to do. I knew a change up in regards to the day-to-day workout was needed, but didn’t know how to go about it. Gym only, add home workouts, outside? As for the Challenge, I had a few things I wanted to do. I am over planks, but totally loved doing the squats – I mean being able to say I can do 100 without stopping? Yep, super accomplishment! I wanted something just as awesome for March.



FIV March 14 Workout PlanI don’t live in an altogether safe area so no outside running. Nor do I like to be go around parks or schools because I like easy bathroom access. So that cut down a lot. I added some different kind of circuit training; soft days = really low weights, but tons of reps; hard days = heavy weight, but low reps. I kept the hard days on Saturdays with long cardio, and the soft one during the week. I also added an extra circuit training day to see if it is what I need – more strength less cardio? Do I really need to train for a half-marathon? Because I surely know I am not training like I need to if I am going to set a date! I added different time-trials on the treadmill, this goes along with the half training.

FIV March 14 ChallengeFor the Challenge I am keeping with the killing of the legs and butt with … wall-sits. Yep, this killer from middle school gym class. I really hated middle school gym class. So why not relive it, at least in a better way, where I know I can do it this time! Instead of planks I am doing push-ups and crunches. My tailbone was killing me by the end of the month from the full sit-ups so crunches it is. Just so you know, I cannot do one full push-up to save my life so I am starting on my knees. If I am able to work up to full on push-ups then I will modify my challenge from that point. For the crunches I listed different ones you can do, so get some variety and start crunching!

Hope you have a great workout month no matter what you do!

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