October Vegan Cuts Box

Vegan Cuts Snack Box
 I received the October Vegan Cuts Snack Box to review – all opinions are my own.  The only compensation I received was this box.

I am sure by now you have heard of Vegan Cuts and their snack and beauty boxes.  These boxes are $19.95 and are monthly subscriptions (with super easy cancellations for easy one-time trials) and have a different type of vegan snack or beauty options to try.  Sometimes the goods are miniatures and sometimes you luck out and get full-size ones.

So the October Vegan Cuts Snack Box was good – not as good as the one in September (which I bought), but still good.  This box had more sample size items instead of full size ones like the last two-three months of them.  That was a little disappointing; however, when your tasting some awesome chips then just sitting down and chowing on them, a sample size tends to be better 🙂

The best part of the October Snack Box?  My fave cracker!!!  AND COUPONS!  What?  Yep my favorite CrunchMaster cracker and coupons for me to buy more.  You know how I am a coupon lover so these coupons are awesome!  The other product that I tried and loved were the YumEarth Naturals jelly beans and gummies.  Mmmm, sweets.  So, kind of disappointing but those were the two best of the bunch.  I love tea, so Stash was a given that it would be a goodie.  The peach gummies…gah.  These were so profoundly fake tasting that I couldn’t get through two rings.  Everything else was good.  Not as fun as other boxes.

I am excited to buy the November box to see what will be in it.  It is fun to open the box and try new things.  I do enjoy finding out which products I will like and which I won’t.  I would rather spend 20 bucks on a bunch of things I may or may not like and find out like that, than buy these same products at their normal high prices and just toss them in the trash and waste money.

List of Products: (in order of my personal favorites)

***CrunchMaster Crackers Multi-Grain Crackers w/two coupons

***YumEarth Naturals Fruit Snacks and Sour Beans

***Raw Snacks Cranberry Cashew Bar

***Stash Tea Spice Dragon Red Chai w/coupon

**Runa Clean Energy Drink

**Mediterranean Snacks – Baked Lentil Chips

**Smooze Fruit Ice

**Rescue Chocolate

*Surf Sweets Peach Rings

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