New Years Resolutions 3 Week Update

Week 3 UpdatesThree full weeks into the resolutions time and I am reading about how some people may have fallen off the wagon and reverted back to “normal.”  I am sorry but I do not want to read, from some pretty prominent people or bloggers, about how they have not fulfilled their resolution or that it is okay that I haven’t either.  Don’t give me an excuse to not continue with what I know I am capable of.  Here is my New Years Resolutions 3 Week Update.

No Expiration DateSo, three weeks in and I may have blipped a few times with buying my fave processed food, but I will not tell you it is okay to give up or stop pursuing something that you want.  Being healthy?  You want it.  Starting, maintaining, a new fitness plan? You want it.  Creating more meals at home?  You want it.  Less sugar, sodium, processed foods?  You want it.  So don’t be giving up, sheesh!  We are better than that!  Just chock it up to needing a brief break!

Okay, off my soap box and into how my week was.  TONS better.  Nothing to do with work -still stressful, and emotionally unhappy- and no, no job prospects (anyone know of any?)….But the long Food is not Enemyweekend and decompressing at my parents house sure did do me good mentally.  It is unbelievable how much you don’t know you’re holding in until you are able to vent and be around people who truly care about you and care that you are hurting.  Or care enough that they listen and don’t give feedback, just support.  Yes, that support may come in advice but sometimes you just have to listen around what the parents are saying 🙂

As for food intake this week, I think I did really well.  Saturday my mom and I were out and about all day and even went to the movies and saw August: Osage County…kind of a weird and dark movie.  A LOT of f-bombs, but wow can Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep act!  So at the movies I am normally a tub of popcorn type of girl, so I needed something that I could eat instead.  Store-bought trail mix was the ticket, perfect hand-to-mouth movements during the movie…but, oh boy, when I walked into the theatre and smelled the popcorn and butter.  My will almost broke!  But it didn’t.  Then we went out to lunch and had fresh made guacamole and restaurant made What did u doawesome chips.  BUT!!  I did not beat myself up about the things I ate, or could have eaten instead – I just enjoyed the day with my mom and that was it.

As for workouts, since I made the below fitness calendar I feel I have to stick to it no matter what…have I mentioned I am just a little bit anal about schedules and sticking to them?  Yeah, so.  I changed the days around: last Thursday I did the jog2/walk2, Friday I did the circuit training and treadmill, Saturday was my rest day, Sunday was the treadmill with incline then normal on Monday and Tuesday.  I didn’t do anything on Saturday, the free-eating day with mom, and I did not spend any time thinking or putting myself down for not exercising and eating crappy.  Feels like I got past a mind block!  Also, on Tuesday during circuit training I did some curtsy lunges  – ooh, boy, am I feeling them!

It really does feel, starting off this new week, like I am more comfortable – like all the stress that had built up from the first of January is mostly gone.  Both the long weekend and time in my parents tender-loving care was exactly what this girl needed!

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week:  -2.6 lbs & -1.5 in
Total from the 1st: -4.4 lbs & -5 inches

January 2014 Workout Calendar

Train along with me!

So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other peoples positive progress just as much as mine :)

Plank Challenge

Plank it Along With Me

Follow along on my fitness plan and plank challenge…and join the painful fun :)

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