New Years Resolutions – Week 11 Update

Week 11Wow, I am so glad last week is over. No new job news – sucky, stomach flu intermittently for 5 days – awful, no workouts due to stomach – achy, weird eating – upset stomach to the max. It was not the best-of-the-best week, that’s for sure. Because of the stomach issues I didn’t do much more than lounge in front of the tv (not a bad way to spend sick-time) but that laziness has stuck with me and now I just want to laze about – not the best for New Years Resolutions, Week 11 Update.

Not TryingWell, thank goodness I am feeling better. Last week was just about the most awful thing ever with the stomach; do not want to experience that again any time soon. I don’t know what caused it unfortunately – my mom suggested an ulcer – but I began feeling better Sunday afternoon (almost an entire week after it started) and even went home sick one day with it. Yuck for sure. I mentioned in the Week 10 Update about my head feeling weird and had blood drawn. Well after a battery of tests – nothing. Everything was in normal zones for the draws, even the protein and anemia which I thought would be super low. Their were two that were low (BUN and Calculated Globulin) but the doc didn’t tell me anything was wrong, or to make an appointment to discuss or anything. Frustrating. My head has been better, especially while driving. Maybe having added the daily protein powder (made with rice and pea protein) helped – but really I have no idea. And that sucks. But I was able to spend a little down time searching and applying for jobs, and found some awesome companies to apply for so I hope to hear something (positive or negative, because even a “We don’t want you” is better than never hearing back!) in the near future.

Losing WeightMy eating has been off due to the sickness since I didn’t feel like eating when I knew it was going to come back out quickly. Sunday I was feeling better, so of course I ate more and that led into Monday and kept on eating. Tuesday I focused on mental control – not the easiest – but after being sick I had lost a couple pounds and I kept telling myself to remember that and how great I looked with my stomach not being so bloated. Best part of being sick is the weight-loss. Worst part is gaining it all back! Which I did. But alas, not too bad thankfully! So since I didn’t gain back too much I am in a better mindset to hopefully kick the overeating bug in the butt and spend this next week not overdoing it. Because it really was nice to feel confident in myself and wear some different things and not feel like hiding. Not always easy.

Simple RulesAnd for the workouts…I didn’t at all. I tried last Friday after waking up at 2:45am and not being able to go back to sleep I got out of bed at 4am. Now this should have been a warning that, no Megan you are not feeling well, but I ignored it and did an at-home walking tape – Leslie Sansone (I love her) Walk at Home. Didn’t exert myself too much but I was exhausted at the end of the 45 minute video. Saturday I did a gentler circuit training and walked slowly on the treadmill at the gym, and oh man. Yeah, my back hurt so bad the following three days. I guess it wasn’t as gentle as I thought it was! Monday I did the circuit again and Tuesday was treadmill incline. My legs were so tired that I couldn’t do the jogging portion, just walked, but was proud of myself for getting there and staying on the treadmill! That was an accomplishment for sure.

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +.4lbs,  -0in
Total from the 1st: -8.6lbs, -9.5in

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So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :)



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3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Week 11 Update

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick – stomach bugs are the worst! My stomach (and eating) is the worst when I’m stressed and I totally understand how the job search could do that to you! No good!

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