New Years Resolutions – Week 15 Update

Week 15 UpdateThis week went really well, even with a few setbacks and figuring out a new routine that means a longer commute on both sides of my day. Not a lot happening, but I did get fully packed and moved to my new (smaller) location. It always amazes me how much junk I accumulate until I have to move again. And I move a lot. And I get rid of a lot. If only I could stop purchasing things so I wouldn’t be throwing my money away! But, that is life (especially the life of a food blogger!). Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 15 Update.

Get Up and Do ThisI got all packed, or stuff tossed, and everything moved with the help of my dad and brother. Thank goodness for trucks and hauling because some large items would have been Salvation Army bound for sure. Got in to my new, way smaller place, and got a little unpacked, then had a birthday party for my bro – oooh, do I love my moms fried tortillas for taco night. A little too much, hence the slight setback. All that sodium and gorging way too much. But it was a fun night and it tasted really good. The only prob with the new place? Free semi-basic cable. At my other place, I had no cable of any kind so I just watched DVDs – which meant I didn’t watch that much tv. I would read a lot. But one week in to this new place, and I have watched too much tv and stayed up way too late enjoying it. Grrr. The only frustratingly bad thing is that I have heard from NO!!!! jobs at all in weeks and I am seriously starting to freak out. End of May and I am out of a job. Panicking a lot! I will start applying at part-time work come May 1st, and temp agencies, but really? No Excuses Don't Burn Caloriescontact? I want to hear from the awesome places I have applied – and not the rejection contact either!

So for my eating this week I have done really well! Positive, woohoo! I made sure to only buy what I needed for this weeks eating, salads pretty much the whole week, and no extra junk. I was very successful! Fun when that happens! And I knew I was doing well with the no-crap in my place when my dad had stopped in to do something and left a note saying that I didn’t have to worry about anyone raiding my fridge 🙂 Nothing fun or tasty at all, in there. Means no cheating! Woohoo – or he just didn’t find my “crap” foods drawer, but oh well.

My workouts? Pretty much non-existent. Nothing but packing and moving and doing all the lifting did help. I only did one day of my Pilates video, on Monday, and boy howdy did my legs scream and curse at me, they were so sore. How is it that I do cardio and strength training, but one 45 minute Pilates video totally and completely kicks my butt? And legs? I don’t know, but it made me feel Just Get Off`good. Pain is good. Also painful? Skipping a day of the Workout Challenge and doing them both on the same day back-to-back. Don’t. Skip! Dang, not only I feel it where I was supposed to (back of the body) but my hips were starting to hurt from the tipping. Probably doing it wrong, but I did it. That is what counts in the end.

So overall not a bad week, and not too much bitching either! Also, I called about my referral to a cardiologist for my dizziness issue and I am very happy about that. Hopefully the appointment will be soon (I had to call back and leave a message) because driving while dizzy is not fun.

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: – 2.2lbs,  -1.5in
Total from the 1st: -8.4lbs, -10in

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So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :)


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