Blackberry Cake Fail

Blackberry Cake FailYep. You see it right. Cake. Me, baking a cake. This is the one dessert I have not tried to make as a vegan yet. It is hard enough to make muffins, scones, breads, and other desserts not taste weird or be super dense, that a cake just seemed too intimidating. Like, I never want to try, intimidating. But, with blackberries on super-sales (.86 each!) I decided to make a fruitcake and see if I can make it work. And, when you are going to try something new you either go big or go home right? Not just vegan, but gluten-free also – Blackberry Cake Fail.

Yep you see that right. Fail. Like a total baking fail. And I even created a new category called Baking Fail and I will be adding to it. Because it happens to everyone – it is one of those things none of us wants to admit … that we failed in our baking adventures. Fail so bad that we don’t admit it to anyone. We either just eat the fail if it tasted alright, or quietly slip it into the trash can and cover the poor thing with paper towels. Trying to never think of it again. Well, I am bringing it out into the open and will be showing you my baking failures – and yes, I take pics of them. Poor things.

Blackberry Cake Fail Blackberry Cake Fail

This cake is a baking fail in that it didn’t rise – like at all. Didn’t rise, as in it actually deflated. After it baked. I poured the extremely runny batter into the pie / cake pans and they were over half full. After baking for almost an hour? They were still squishy in the middle, smelling burned. I took them out and came back a few minutes later and they had deflated by half! How is that even possible? It tasted amazing, and the blackberry glaze that I put over it was awesome. But I renamed this to my family – the Blackberry Cake Fail, Amazing Double-Layer Pancake. Why? Because I layed one cake on a plate then poured a little glaze, then put the other cake on top then poured the rest of the glaze. And when cutting into it, it had the exact feel of pancakes. And the fruity glaze just finished it off.

Blackberry Fail Cake (52) Blackberry Cake Fail

So no recipe, because I don’t want you to make my fail. But here are the photos and you can see them in the paper plates how they don’t even come to the top of the plate. Crazy!


6 thoughts on “Blackberry Cake Fail

  1. It does happen to everyone! Thank you for sharing! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂

    Its live now!

    Cindy from

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