New Years Resolutions – Week 24 Update

So, yes, I fell off the vegan wagon this weekend. I knew I was going to have a bad eating weekend, only because there was going to be good (awesome) food around for Father’s Day. Kind of funny, but in our house for Father’s Day my dad makes dinner for the family. Probably because he doesn’t trust anyone else to make the lasagna. Which sucks because it smelled so dang good and I couldn’t eat it. Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 24 Update.

So you know when you think you are doing well, with everything, then it kind of hits you in the face that – no, you really aren’t. It happens to me every time I step on the scale (which is to say that I live and breathe by the scale). I started working out with my SIL after work doing 30 minute videos and I really sweat during them, and I am eating good. But every morning at rise and shine time the scale thinks it is Piyoraise the weight time. Not good and super frustrating. But I just have to keep thinking that yay! I am working out. I have a commitment to working out. That I am sweating and moving and I am not doing it alone. And my mom and I will start doing a walking tape together so that will be an added workout for me. Yay for other people needing to do home workouts. Helps to not do them alone, accountability and all. Which goes back to me living by the number on the scale. I stopped weighing myself on the weekends and just trust that I am doing fine with my eating – why I “trust” myself I have no clue, but I will be going back to the Be stronger than your strongest excuse scale. Gotta keep myself accountable and not weighing allows my brain to think things it shouldn’t. Like that 2500 calories is fine, or all that sodium in the shelled peanuts will not affect me.

So as for falling off the vegan wagon this weekend … well, I allowed myself a dairy day. Why? Because I just could not stop myself from having my dads Creme Brulee coffee creamer. And let me tell you, it was mind altering. And no, not because it was loaded with sugar or not-vegan. It was because it made me realize how little I am enjoying my morning coffee! I just couldn’t believe the taste and flavor difference that I hadn’t really realized I was missing. I stopped using dairy creamers on Jan 1st and started using So Delicious Dairy Free French Vanilla creamer and the taste is just not all that. And since I am not a fan of the taste of coffee I try and use a little more creamer to get a good flavor going but it is just not cutting it. It just tastes so fake. And unfortunately So Del is the only creamer that comes in a larger container and is the best bargain monetarily wise since Eat well & exercisethe other non-dairy brands only come in very small containers. Also, I am a caramel lover for my coffee and there are NO caramel flavored coffee creamers – or any other flavors at all. Seriously, we have figured out how to make dairy-free milks and creamers but not how to add a dairy-free caramel to it? So that being said, I think I am going to go back to dairy (though I am still not sold on dairy creamers actually having dairy in them; to much other junk) so that I can actually enjoy my one cup of coffee in the mornings. So what else did I eat on my Saturday dairy day? Mayo – and oh gosh, was it amazing. I have never had vegan mayo before – does it taste as good as regular mayo? Cause if it does I will so invest in the $6 jar of it. I don’t eat sandwiches often but when I do eat them I want ’em slathered in mayo. With only a little mustard and maybe some veggies. Getting hungry. Then I had some parm at dinner in my pasta and cool whip in the fruit salad. So maybe I didn’t go dairy crazy but I did allow it in me. Not a great vegan, but sure one hellavu vegetarian! Have to allow myself slips every so often right?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +3.6lbs, -1in
Total from the 1st: -1.4lbs, -8.5in
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2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Week 24 Update

  1. I know you’ve heard this from he before, but I think we have to be compassionate to ourselves first, and that helps us to be compassionate in other areas too! I think if you are what you craved and really enjoyed it, then that’s listening to your body and enjoying the simple (and affordable things)! Don’t beat yourself up – we are a work in progress, and you are a beautiful person. I think if we all give ourselves tine, we’ll find the mindful and compassionate diet that makes us feel amazing! You and your attitude inspire me!

  2. i totally understand Dairy Days – I have to have them ever so often too. And non dairy creamer doesn’t really cut it does it. I’ve been 95 % veg/vegan since 2010 some days are better than others . I have noticed when i am completely vegan for days i feel the best ! keep up the good work!

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