August Workout Challenge & Seedy-Cherry Bars

August Workout ChallengeSo – it’s August already! Can you believe that? The year is half over and it feels like July just flew by. So much going on, but keeping a focus and on my workouts has really helped. Not really workouts, but these challenges help to focus my attention, push me towards proving that I am capable of doing a lot!, and making sure to move every day. Here is my August Workout Challenge and a Seed-y Cherry Bars recipe.

For the August Workout Challenge I figured since my legs were super-strong from all the squat jumps, jumping and plank jacks that I would not set my muscles back by starting small. So, yeah, going big here. Big as in not going to start small with times of doing the moves or actual reps. This month we will be doing oldies that we have done before, but we will be adding on to them. It’s not just a wall-sit, it’s a wall-sit with weighted twist. not just push-ups but push-ups into side planks, and not just one-legged dead-lifts but one-legged dead-lifts and holding, so you are working everything including working on balance. Lots of reps and lots time.

Wall Sit & Twist Single Leg Balance Touch Push-up and Rotate





Cool name right? Seed-y bars? I love it and it’s so punny! Just 3 ingredients – one cup of plain pumpkin seeds (I bought them in bulk at Whole Foods), 10 dates soaked overnight and skins taken off and pitted, and one cup dried cherries – sweet or unsweetened, your choice. Just process the seeds until broken up then add the dates and process then add the cherries. Process until clumpy, then press into a foiled pan refrigerate until hardened. They will need to stay in the fridge if not eaten right away – or freeze. I love these frozen too!

Raw 3 Ingredient Vegan and Gluten-Free Seed-y Cherry Bars, no nuts Raw 3 Ingredient Vegan and Gluten-Free Seed-y Cherry Bars, no nuts Raw 3 Ingredient Vegan and Gluten-Free Seed-y Cherry Bars, no nuts

Seedy-Cherry Bars

1 C Plain Pumpkin Seeds
10 Dates, soaked
1 C Dried Cherries

1. Soak dates overnight or in hot water for a few hours.
2. In food processor process seeds until broken up.
3. Add in dates and process again until combined.
4. Add in cherries and process until gummy.
5. Line baking dish with foil and press in dough.
6. Refrigerate until firm.
7. Cut into bars.

2 thoughts on “August Workout Challenge & Seedy-Cherry Bars

  1. I’ve been doing calisthenics w/ my husband for past year or more. Started w/ weights prior, but old injuries stimulated a thought to switch to working w/ body weight. But, not doing too bad considering I’m now 51. We have a set of rings, and a great wall outdoors to do the wall sit, + chin ups, German Hang, etc. w/ rings. Lots of squats, and yes I like to do jumping jacks too! I lost weight when I switched to vegan diet, but went directly from paleo experiment (weighed my most ever, and felt horrible) to plants. I have a video slide show (From Paleo to Plant Based) w/ results. Here is a fitness video if you are interested. ~Tracy

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