New Years Resolutions – Week 31 Update

Well, another week gone, but not without frustration and stress. When you think you got one part all figured out and can not keep a total eye on it and concentrate on something else, everything goes wonky. In all aspects of your life! Sheesh, doing moderately well with eating and then I go and gain two pounds the morning after eating veggies all day – like, literally, all I did was eat salads, enchilada lasagna, and more salad. And gained. Two pounds. Stupid body! And then the job thing? Talk about more frustration! So here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 31 Update (and I will spare you the f-bombing drama of the last week – you should be thankful!).

Workouts Easy - Kitchen NotSo weight gain – okay, kind of getting used to it, but totally pissed after a day that I so thought I would have a loss. I didn’t even feel full / stuffed – just like a normal day. Of eating veggies people! Oh man, can you tell it still peeves me off? One of the hardest things about doing these weekly resolutions updates is the accountability that I have to hold myself to. It’s easy when you don’t have anyone to answer to, to go off the bandwagon and free-fall and just have yourself to answer to. Which is why each week I find it embarrassing to talk about my weight gains! It’s ridiculous, totally and completely. I know my attitude has a lot to do with it, and it has been a constant struggle over the last 6 or more months to be (let alone stay) positive with everything work wise going on. But I come here and spit my stuff out to you guys, and then I move on. That is what I should be doing anyway – accept the gain, and move on. I like to fester on things though. Sorry, but I do.

Progress - ChangeThis is a side topic, but goes towards the accountability thing. Yesterday I was on FB and saw a post from Chalene Johnson about a child who had surgery to remove cancer and the medication afterwards made her hungry so she ate a ton and gained so much weight the doctors wanted her to have gastric bypass (no judging or negative comments if you have them, I won’t permit them here). Very rarely do I care to comment on one of those (or any) random news things, but this one hit a chord with me. Why this one? Because gastric bypass is very near and dear to me, seeing that I had one 8 years ago already! Sheesh, time flies! I won’t go into all of the other comments people made on it, and I won’t preach about why I think people should / shouldn’t have it, but here was the comment I made to it: “I was a morbidly obese child, teen, and adult, until I finally made my own decision to have gastric bypass. I am a huge believer that if weight-loss surgery is what you need to do to get your health to where it needs to be than that is what you should do; HOWEVER!!!! It is not the cure-all, end-all, be-all of your weight loss. You will have a hard time losing weight. You will have a hard time keeping weight off. You will have weight gains and losses throughout the rest of your life. And your eating, self-conscience, self-hate issues will never go away – only therapy will get you that!  It is a tough decision, and maybe not one for a child or parent of a child to make. It was, however, MY best decision, even thought the road for the last 8 years since surgery as been super tough and filled with constant struggles.” The reason I am bringing this up? It all goes back to accountability and how nothing is a sure thing, we have to have support to get us through anything – and not just ourselves. My friend Heather (who is my Beachbody coach) actually found my comment in the thousands of others, and commented back with this: “Love you and the fact you put this out there Megan! Amazing responses by many and I don’t think there is a blanket answer that fits every family. Parents are responsible but as a mom of girls I know what effect MY choices have on my kids.” It’s all about support from people who care about you and your health – whether you have to pay a trainer for it or it’s your mom and SIL – just get some support somewhere (or even here with all of you who read this and put up with all my complaining and struggles). It is worth it. You need the accountability – surgery or not! Why write about this now? The 8 year anniversary that helped change my life mostly. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

Weightloss StruggleSo for workouts this week I got my walk on in the mornings, and we did PiYo only a couple times – because of the stupid job thing! Grr, that is so ridiculous and was so time consuming I won’t even bother you with it. But this week my workout schedule changed (my employer went back to 8-5’s not the 8-4’s as during the summer) so my afternoon PiYo’ing isn’t happening anymore. Total sad face 😦 Not only were they a great way to get some more workouts, and a much needed strength workout in, but I got to chit-chat with my SIL, have a crazy little dog sleep under my feet as I am trying to do a Piked Plank and not fall, and chill with the niece and nephews. 4:30-5 was the perfect time to do the 30 minute video and be done in a good time get kids’ dinner started. Now – not going to happen, so this week I decided to make myself do at least 10-15 minutes of a PiYo workout before the walking tape in the mornings. Working so far – and working me! My arms are sore! Have you tried PiYo yet?


So how has your week been?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +1.2lbs, -0in
Total from the 1st: -2.4lbs, -14in

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