New Years Resolutions – Week 33 Update

I'm Not Telling You Oh wow what a week. A week filled with unsurety, new news, busy work week, and lots of phone calls. I am no longer taking the job here in San Antonio … I got the job offer for DC and have decided to wait out the background check and go for it. Unless my current boss can pull something truly amazingly-worthy of me staying I will soon be on my way to DC. Eeek! The nerves are hitting, and I am feeling homesick already! Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 33 Update.

So that’s crazy right? Giving up something that is right next to your family to move away; give everything away including your car (selling it) to move to a semi-new area to a totally new job. The job is what sold it for me though. The job isn’t any type that I have done before; I have only ever done the normal admin duties, and I have felt that wearing on me for the last few years – just becoming Sayingto boring for me. Which is why I change jobs so soften. But the new DC job has aspects to it that are kind of intimidating, more editing of documents than I have ever done and less admin work. So if I am intimidated by something than I have take it. Even if it’s far away.

So with all that stress obviously came a gain – a nasty weight gain. I had actually done well Friday and Saturday but then Sunday I had an eating meltdown and decided everything in the house should get eaten before I leave. So. That was obviously You Have to Get Upreally dumb. And I am of course making my way back down to where I was before. I want to move with body confidence since I won’t have work confidence! So this weekend is back to strict eating – for my mom too. She fell the wagon with me (I love sharing stress) so we will have a weekend filled with tons of fruit, veggies, and small but healthy protein portions. No snacking allowed – unless it’s fruit or veg. Good luck to us!

As for workouts they have been so-so. I have randomly been doing PiYo and not really doing the walking tape in the mornings, mainly because I am so tired from all this stress that I don’t fall asleep so I am too tired to get up at 5am. I recommitted this week and have been following the PiYo workout calendar and of course can feel muscles that were thankful for having a break but are hating me again. It’s a good thing – a little muscle punishment is never a bad thing. This weekend we will also be recommitting to our walking tape. Gonna happen!

So how has your week been?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +3lbs, -0in
Total from the 1st: -5.6lbs, -15in

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