New Years Resolutions – Week 34 Update

Your Change is Excited to Meet You

No truer words right now!

So. I got the DC job – like just found out Tuesday morning. And I am moving next week – as in on Tuesday, my birthday. It’s SO FAST!! I new it was coming but oh man, it is next week I am moving … and I am already missing my family! Like really missing them, and trying to get in as much time with everyone, cause I actually don’t know what my travel availability will be in the next year. Or how much money I will have to really do anything, cause dang it’s really expensive in the DC area! Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 34 Update.

Eeek. It’s not really scary moving, though it is really nerve-wracking, but leaving all my family is harder this time around than any of my other move times. I have gotten closer with my SIL and losing her from my weekly life is going to be rough; I have been living with my parents for the last few months to save money, and not having their constant support and TLC is too hard to even think about; and my bro, niece and nephews – I will miss just hanging out with them and being told all about Storm Troopers and being shown how to build all the constant Lego things they come up with. Yes, this is definitely going to be my hardest move! But thankfully my SIL has reached to her friends in the DC area and is helping me to meet people – gotta love family!

Each Day is an OpportunitySo with all this upheaval I have not been eating that great. During the day I have been fine, but after work I go crazy. I have too much stress right now and am comforting myself with food. Not good; not good at all! This weekend I should be a little better since I will be spending that time packing, mailing, visiting and all that jazz before my mom and I fly to DC and move me in – isn’t she awesome? I am selling my car so thankfully I won’t have to worry about parking, but we are only taking two suitcases a piece and at 50lbs that is not a lot to get packed. Not that I have a lot of clothes but I am trying to pack dishes, pans, candles, books … you know the other stuff. And maybe a quilt. Heavy stuff. Grr. So yeah, a lot on my mind. But workout wise I am keeping myself sane by doing PiYo in the mornings just to be sure I am doing something, but I think I pulled a groin muscle and man does that sucker hurt! But on the plus side I am hoping to get an apartment in Arlington, VA, with a gym so I won’t have to pay for one. The gym and no bugs is really my only wants from a complex – and low rent, haha.

Sorry I am all over the place in this, just nervous energy and trying to get it out – will send the next Resolutions update from DC!!

So how has your week been?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +1.2lbs, +.5in
Total from the 1st: -4.4lbs, -14.5in

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