New Years Resolutions – Week 43 Update

You are HumanWell I hope everyone is have a great week leading up to Halloween and – wow, November! Can you believe it’s almost here? I have to say it’s getting harder and harder to write these updates. I mainly started them to keep myself accountable weight-wise, but then my year erupted into work stress and drama and moving and moving and moving yet again, that my weight – my sole “focus” totally fell and I gained and gained and gained again. Man this week is a sucky New Years 2014-10-25 11.17.03Resolutions – Week 43 Update.

This isn’t going to be another depressing update, just a realistic one. I did a look-back at my January 1st weigh-in – and it is so embarrassing. The constant and consistent weight gains this month is also the reason I have been hesitant and late in writing these updates. It’s damn embarrassing! And makes me highly ashamed. So – that is where I am at, so please excuse the frustration (and maybe some tears) over the next few months as I try to figure my weight out and what the bleeping bleep is causing it. Is it truly me? Am I truly eating 5000 calories a day to excuse the two pound gain overnight? I can’t believe that. I truly just can’t.

Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria





But on a lighter note, I got myself out this weekend and walked around Old Town – my fave place. I also got my hair cut off – about 6 inches! It was freeing and now my curls are bouncier and bigger. My hair lays straight better. Just nice. Made me feel good about myself. How did I afford this? I won a gift card for $100! Just one of those random giveaways I entered and I actually won. Yay me! So here are some pics of my outing this weekend.

Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria





Hope you had a great weekend!

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So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +1lbs, -3in
Total from the 1st: -0lbs, -12in

Fitting Into Vegan October Monthly Workout


Train along with me with the October Training Plan and Challenges!

I will be getting back on track to where I was – getting back to the regular workout schedule.

Fitting Into Vegan October Workout ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get you entire backside into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun!

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Week 43 Update

  1. Hello and Warm Greetings. I am “almost vegan” as I call it and following your nice blog for a bit. I really encourage you not to be down about your weight. You boldly put yourself out there with your personal walk and serve as an inspiration to many. You clearly are a kind and loving soul and a gift to us all here on the planet regardless of the number on the scale. May your day be blessed!

    • Thank you for this. Sometimes I forget that I am not alone or that others are on the same journey as I am. A persons weight is very personal and always a struggle and putting it out there sometimes gets embarrassing when it always goes up. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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