New Years Resolutions – Week 44 Update

Every Step CountsWell, I hope you are having a fun first week into November. Not very eventful over here, have seemed to get myself in control with eating, have kept to my workouts and monthly challenge so for this week it is pretty good. Let’s hope everything stays on the downhill slide and I can keep this momentum. I really enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing a lower number even if it is only two ounces. Here is this weeks New Years Resolutions – Week 44 Update.

So nothing amazing going on here like I said. Got my third paycheck, the one with the pretty steady deductions so it would be the one that I should be able to depend on seeing that amount by-weekly. And I about had a panic attack. Cause it’s not a lot. I mean, I knew coming here to the DC-area would be expensive, and choosing the area I wanted to live in, VA, would be expensive. But. Come on! Can’t a girl get a break here? That little teeny tiny miniscule amount? (okay, maybe not miniscule but that is what panic attacks do to you) So, what does a freak out do to a person. Makes them go to extremes. I stayed home all weekend, except for the grocery store, and cooked for the site. Fight For ItEverything I made I pretty already had so I did well at the store and just watched DVDs. Boring? For sure. Necessary to save money? Probably. I mean, I know I live in and around free museums, but my mind went extreme; and really, I can find something to buy at a free-goodies event. And thankfully I still have money left for my hair appointment this weekend on my giftcard. So yay.

Don't use the weekends as excusesAs for workouts I have been keeping up with them. I have dialed back on my heavy weights, cause I wake up the next day and am really tired; not sore so much, just tired. So a little lighter on the weights but still keeping up with the three weight-training days a week. And, I am not doing the treadmill so much – I am actually loving the elliptical for my hard cardio days. When I have a good tv show to keep myself occupied and a few magazines in front of me, I can totally work hard and kill an hour on it. I can workout on it and sweat it up and feel super-proud of myself when I am done cause the elliptical usually kills my feet and I can’t stay on it for too long. I use the treadmill for light cardio, much needed low-impact days. I have been doing good.

All this to say, I have lost a little weight this week. Thank. God. My mood and self-acceptance have been super good.

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So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -2.4lbs, -1in
Total from the 1st: -2.4lbs, -12in

November Monthly WorkoutTrain along with me with the November Training Plan and Challenges!

I will be getting back on track to where I was – getting back to the regular workout schedule.


November Workout ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get you entire backside into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun!

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