Primizie Snacks Thick Cut Crispbreads

Primizie LogoAs you know I have been snacking a lot lately – it’s been adding to my ups and downs weight-wise, but I have been having the best time taste-testing some awesome chip snacks. Like the most amazingly good chips. Like can’t stop putting my hand back in the bag to keep on keepin’ on eating those amazing chippy snacks. I received three bags of Primizie Snacks tortilla-style chips that are called thick cut crispbreads to review (love reviews). All I have to say? Yum.

I was very fortunate to receive the three vegan flavors of these absolutely awesome thick cut crispbreads – which 1. is again totally awesome because they are crunch-tastic, and 2. sucks cause I had Classic Flavorbeen doing pretty good not eating chips – I let them back into my life and I will quickly have to get them back out, especially if these chips are in any of the stores near me. They are like a thicker cut tortilla chip that has an awesome crunch and are super crispy. And I have to say that I love that the “classic” flavor is an Italian herb. I mean how cool that they chose the classic flavor to not just be a plain non-flavor or just a salty normal type – nope, awesome Italian herbs with the slightest bite to it from chili pepper, mmm. The other two flavors I got to try? Chili Lime which I happened to pair with a bowl of my Butternut Enchilada Chili and Chili-Spicy Flavorthey were spicy and so dang good for dipping; the perfect pairing for thick chili, guacamole, or salsa. The last one was a plain ole Simply Salted chip, which would seem kind of boring but they happen to be a perfect pairing – with anything! They were not salty tasting, just a perfect dusting and not too oily like normal salt-only chips.

Primizie started by a couple from Austin who originally their food career with a catering company back in 2001. After a trip through Italy they brought back the awesome thick cut crispbread idea to the states, and it quickly became the most requested item of theirs – which I would have requested also! I mean, if Mexican restaurants started using these amazing thick chippys then more people would be sucking back the salsa and guac. Sales would go up – though that would probably be from them starting to charge for the chips instead of just free baskets. Tangent, sorry. Anyway, they then decided a Sea Salt Flavorrestaurant was necessary since the company itself took off. then the demand for the too good crisp got too much. Too much for just them to produce! Off went production into stores they went! This is the type of fairy tale that every foodie dreams of. Taking a hope or wish and making a monumental reality of it.

So I totally enjoyed these chips obviously, and the only bad thing I can say about these crispy chips is the leftover greasy feel and seasonings on your fingers. I hate eating chips, like a Dorito or Cheeto, that leaves flavors or colors all over your fingers or even your hands after reaching into the bag – big pet peeve. These are like that – season fingers. But if you don’t mind some finger-lickin’ then this isn’t a bad thing for you.

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