New Years Resolutions – Week 50 Update

You can't changeSo it’s holiday party week this week at work – is it the same at your work? I had been doing great with not eating all the candies hanging at out desks – until this week. Something hit me, or I had just deprived myself too much?, but I just went candy-crazy. Gosh, I hate when I do that. The only saving grace for me was the holiday party had so much non-vegan/vegetarian food that I didn’t get the chance to go overboard, and then with cleanup I didn’t even eat the desserts! Here is this weeks New Years Resolutions – Week 50 Update.

Is it just me or are you reflecting on the last 12 months too? Cause my year had been crazy with ups and downs all over the place. More on that in my Week 52 recap but, wow just thinking about how all over the place I have been is crazy. Especially deciding to make a move again! So this week I had planned to do stuff and see sights, but with DC being a hot-bed for politicking I didn’t want to go into town on Saturday with all the demonstrations and things going on, so I stayed home and cooked and wrote so I won’t have anything to worry about for next week – cause I get to go to my It;s never too lateparents for Christmas!! Oh man I am so happy to not have to be alone on Christmas. I told a co-worker that I am way to old to start being alone at Christmas – this would have been my first year, but I get to home. Woohoo. So I had to get all my writing and cooking done for two weeks since I won’t be cooking this weekend.

My workouts have been going good if a little spotty. The mornings are rocking but I have been having to work late so I get home and don’t make it to the gym for a second shorter workout – and that’s fine, I just wish I wouldn’t come home and stuff my face. It’s not like I am eating anything bad, I luckily haven’t bought anything bad, but overeating on good stuff is still overeating. The positive thing though is that when I get up in the morning and see a stupid gain on the scale I make my butt go to the gym. I just have to get my mind on the same track for eating as I do for working out! But as long as I make it to the gym then I can continue to be proud of myself and sometimes that just has to be enough … even when the scale continues to rise.

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So now for the real update:

Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +4.6lbs, -1.5in
Total from the 1st: 0lbs, -11.5in

December Workout PlanCome workout with me – make this month of joy and happiness more about fitness and staying track than eating all the goodies. Enjoy them, but work them off!



December 2014 Workout ChallengeReady to get and stay toned for December? Let’s do it! No messing around this month!

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