2014 New Years Resolutions – Week 52 Update

Not the SameA year in review … are you doing that? Looking back at your year of resolutions, thinking what the heck happened? I sure am. My year started off strong, but with all the work mess that went on alllll year, there was just no way that the whole stress factor didn’t factor in to my weight gain. So here is my last New Years Resolutions Update of 2014 – it’s Week 52 and thankfully the last week of this semi-craptacular year.

This last year has been one of the most stressful years that I have ever had. I have never felt so Set Goalsuncertain in my life, and been so scared money-wise in my life. All that stress and uncertainty helped to make my weight go, not in just a yo-yo pattern, but in a full-tilt roller coaster, with right now being on that super-fast up track. I will be getting myself under control in the new year, with next years resolutions, but this year has really made me see what stress can do to your life and health. Cause weight gain plays a huge game with your head and your self-confidence. And lack of self-confidence plays a large factor in what I can make myself do, whether it’s in the kitchen or at the gym, or just getting out of the house. If I let myself go calorie-crazy and the scale rises in the morning, there are times that I lose myself in self-doubt and sometimes hate, and won’t get myself to the gym, and will just have bad thoughts circulating around and around in my head. I mean everyone has self-hate talk – you look at a selfie and see your face and think, when did that double chip happen, or at a pic that was taken of you and you see that you have back fat … and you think, I don’t have back fat – I can’t see it so I don’t have it. Well, hmm, you do. So then the rude voice in your heads circles and gets you down. So this year, it’s time to stop the craziness. Somehow I need to create a resolution that helps to stop the negative self talk.

Just Be ThankfulSo the thing I actually gave up last year was little Goldfish crackers, and I had done awesome at that until I moved to DC and they stared at me in the face in the store. I mean really, all that time with not eating them and boom down goes a bag. Another thing that came back into my life? Candy! Really? I have bought and eaten more candy at work in the last three months of living in DC then I have in the last three years! It is crazy what I have allowed to come back into my life since moving – I mean, I am just as stressed about money as I have been all year (DC living is a whole lot harder than I remembered!) but did I really need to comfort myself with candy?

All this and all the moves and changes going on, this year was also about resilience. Even with all that and the moolah stress I have still kept eating healthier in the forefront of my mind. I have continued to make healthy meals and eat healthy throughout the weekends (even if I gained, I still tried to eat healthy), and I continued to make myself get to a gym and exercise to my heart’s content. Even while being home on vacation for Thanksgiving I exercised, and while home for Christmas I made sure to not overeat or go crazy – I came back weighing the same as when I left. Progress and resilience are this years take-away.

So now for the real update:

Weight & Inches
Total from the 1/1/14: 0lbs, -6.5in

So I may not have lost weight – or at least I did throughout the year, but none from the very first weigh-in last Jan 1st – but I did lose inches, and that is a dang positive way to start to my next year!

Hope your New Year of 2015 is filled with Peace, Joy, and Love, and everything you want. Me? Being a healthy example for others, and lose and keep off a minimum of 5 pounds … eeek! I put it out there! Oh man, now I have to hold to that for next year!

3 thoughts on “2014 New Years Resolutions – Week 52 Update

  1. I can never comment on your site from my phone 😦

    Here’s what I wanted to post:

    I’m so very proud of you! Just listening to you in this post tells me how far you have come and a resolution to stop the negative self talk is just what you need!

    I walked past a sign at Quarry Whole Foods last month that said, Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.

    It stuck with me and really is a big part of the whole puzzle, I love you lady more than you know

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