April 2015 New Year, New Resolutions

April Hath Put a Spirit of Youth in YouOh March, how I am perfectly fine seeing you go. This month has been super long, with lots of snow (yippee!), lots ups and downs, and lots of unfortunate spending. It was kind of a When it Rains, it Pours kind of month. But, I made my workouts happen even when feet of snow or ice tried to stop it. I baked everything and had some baking trials just like I normally do, but they all turned out awesome. So, yay for continuing to stick with resolutions! Here is my April 2015 New Year, New Resolutions update.

Gah, glad March is over. I think I have been saying this every month? I need to start enjoying my months more! Luckily with the weather turning I will be able to get out of the apartment and not risk freezing while out. I went to the mall last weekend for the first time in months – 10-25 degrees is not fun when you have to walk, then take the bus, then walk or train to somewhere. It is too cold for that junk. But weather is getting better so I will get myself out again. All that said and it totally covers my Are you really living lifegains. Being stuck inside does absolutely nothing to help mindless eating. On the days that we got snowed in and I was unable to hit the gym I would turn my oven timer to 30 minutes and jog around my apartment to get my mile in, but that didn’t even touch a portion of the calorie intake when you literally can’t leave the house due to snow. So even though I love the snow more than anything, not having it will be beneficial to my weight. Hopefully loss. Cause gains were abundant and it’s getting tiresome. As for work it was alright, no huge drama this month thankfully, just some normal high-school drama crap. Nothing that got me too down or frustrated. The bad part though? The “When it Rains, it Pours”? Well my poor old computer took a turn for the worse. Just wouldn’t turn on one morning. Worked fine the night before, then no screen the next morning. $500 later and a new computer to learn, and boom! iPhone starts to take a turn for the worse. Won’t hold a charge, starts working really slow. So yes, you guessed it. A new phone too. Gah!

Stronger Than You ThinkMarch Baking and Lent Runs – how’d I do? Well awesome with the baking in that I baked and enjoyed it. I often forget that I really do love baking. I only cheated once, at a work baby shower, and I can honestly say that the small slice of cake made me nauseous after eating it and I felt my sugar rise and plummet it was so sweet. This is great news in that my body is detoxing itself of all the crap and junk I had been putting back in it after so long without. And it’s crazy that only a few weeks of no sugar and my body was like – Heck No, this is gross (but I won’t lie … that piece of cake was good). And for the runs? Well I was doing great at the actual running but most of the time the apartment gym’s treadmills were all taken so I did my one-milers on the elliptical. I pushed myself every time on the elliptical to do a 10 minute mile, which was harder than I pushed myself on the t-mill, and I got it done. So I finished out my month on the elliptical and enjoyed it more, and all the sweating too. I am super proud of myself for working out so much, but I can see myself not pushing as hard once April gets here, so I am going to try my hardest to get there. Most likely not every day, but at least show up and push myself for the time I am there. Week days especially!

Get Back on TrackSo my April resolution? Well, since I seem to not be able to get my portions on track I thought I would go back to Clean Eating. If you remember I had a ton of success with it during Lent in 2013 and I want that success again. I might actually get to take a mini-vacation and go home to see my family in June and let me just say – it’s embarrassing to think about them seeing me at this weight. You never want others to judge you, especially when you do so well at it yourself, and I know my family wouldn’t but you still want them to be proud of you. So all this extra weight needs to come off. The clean eating, which I pretty much do anyway (except on weekends), will be no processed foods, every meal or baked good will be made by me. I am hoping by doing all of this I will be able to get a handle on my portions. I am also going to buy smaller containers and even though the ones I use now aren’t all that big, I am going to throw them out so that I can’t go back to old eating habits after April. Also I am hoping this will help with nighttime eating. I need to try stopping eating after a certain time. Wish me luck!

So? What are your resolutions for April? How have your resolutions been going so far?

2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy – still going strong

February: Budgeting – done and trying keep up with this

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

March: Eating Homemade Goodies Only

April: Clean Eating

Weight & Inches
Total: 0lbs, 0in

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