June 2015 New Year, New Resolutions

Don't stop tyringWell May turned out to be a long and kinda stressful month. Didn’t get all the workouts done I wanted, spent more money then anticipated, and my mom had a surgery, but I got to hang with my niece and nephews and get some aunty love, and also get some long overdue learning of all things Minecraft – yes, I now know what it is. Here is my June 2015 New Year, New Resolutions.

May started out awesome; I kept to my May workout resolution and followed the daily abs and squats challenge and was losing weight and gaining muscle like a pro. I was super proud of myself and also impressed even though I may not have been able to run more than 1 1/2 miles at one time without having to stop to use the bathroom, I got back out and finished after. But as soon as I found out the date of my moms surgery around the beginning of May – boom!, my stress level went through the roof. My money, work, and mom worries came out and it affected everything. Now my mom may have had elective surgery, but the just worry of her having a surgery really got to me. I had to buy a last minute flight from DC to S.A. which in general isn’t cheap but at Memorial weekend? Really not. Also, work was going good even though I was the only admin in the office for a couple weeks due to other events and I was handling everything awesomely; however, with a last minute trip on the horizon I suddenly had to find people to cover everything I had been doing. It’s hard to give up things to others when you are rocking things and showing yourself as capable to new bosses. But – there was no thought in my mind of not going home for mom’s surgery. She came through awesome and is doing great and I am so thankful I was able to get home to be there for her.

IMG_7009 IMG_7017 IMG_7019 IMG_7026





Well, before I left for San Antonio, I had gotten out on a couple Saturdays! Me? Yes, me! I made it to the National Zoo which was awesome. It opens super-early so I got my run in early then made my way to the zoo. Now if you know anything about the DC area you know it takes forever to get anywhere on the weekends. It took over an hour to get to and from the zoo since I had to take the bus and the metro and the zoo is in an area of the city that doesn’t have direct metro access – which means I got a good walk in before and after walking to and from the zoo. I love animals and getting to see them up close and this zoo has an elephant house that lets you do that. All the elephants were indoors while their pen was being cleaned and you got to see them up close and personal. Love them. The other Saturday I went to Whole Foods with a bunch of coupons and worked those sales to my benefit. Some other pics here of the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin – a big deal in late April (I forgot to show the pics) and I went with a coworker and her daughter to see Wicked off Broadway – OMG! This was the coolest musical! You have to see it, the story was so good and you totally feel sorry for the wicked witch!

IMG_7479 IMG_7484 IMG_7488 IMG_7489





So now for my June resolution. This one took me awhile to come up with. My imagination and drive has been waning, things becoming boring. Let’s face it. Time to change things up. So this month’s resolution is to get out of the apartment on Saturdays! No more just sitting around eating after my run/jog and, you know, more  eating. This resolution makes me a little anxious because I spend Saturdays grocery shopping, cooking and laundry/house crap and Sundays writing and relaxing (and eating) so not having a full day to spend in the kitchen and doing everything will be a trial for me. But – I need to get out of the house and do things, so me being a semi type A personality I have scheduled myself the things I will be doing / seeing.

June Schedule


So? What are your resolutions for Mayl? How have your resolutions been going so far?

2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy – had some slips but back on track

February: Budgeting – getting harder to keep up with this!!!!

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

March: Eating Homemade Goodies Only – still going strong!

April: Clean Eating – hoping to keep this up – except for the candy slips this is going good

May: Workout Calendar and Challenges – need to make or look for one to fit my needs / training

June: Get Out and About On Weekends

Weight & Inches
Total: lbs, +.5in

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