Review: Saffron Roads Chickpeas

Safron Road Food LogoI don’t know about you, but I love snacking. Like way too much. I normally just snack on peanuts, rice cakes, popcorn, flavored pumpkin seeds. Pretty much anything that I can just reach for and pop into my mouth. Well these little savory-flavored chickpeas are absolutely awesome. They are so strongly flavored that just a few is enough to squelch my snacking habit. So what are you waiting for? Try some Saffron Road flavored chickpeas!

I received some free coupons to try Saffron Road – they make a bunch of different savory International flavored chickpeas. Well, they actually make a ton of different types of foods, but not all of them are vegan (but most are gluten-free, so that in itself is awesome!). And not only are the products mostly gluten-free but they are certified organic. Which means everything on these chickpeas is perfect for you. These perfectly snackable chickpeas are just right for tossing in little ziplock baggy’s to keep in you purse or car for those times when your feeling peckish … or just need to fulfill that hand-to-mouth movement with something healthy. And a little different.

Saffron Road Food ProductsThese little gems are perfect for the people who have tried (and failed) to make those baked chickpeas seen around the web. Yes, I have tried and failed to make them myself, so I am perfectly fine purchasing them. Saffron Road makes some really cool flavors – I got the Falafel and also the Chipotle – and if my local store had the other flavors, Korean BBQ, Wasabi, or Bombay Sauce, I totally would have gotten all of them to try. These round little savory goodies are actually the perfect snack to not overeat since they are so heavily flavored they totally hit that spot. Just a small handful and I was able to go on with my day and not worry about wanting more. They have the spice and heat that are also the perfect add-in to salads! Who needs chips or other crunchy unhealthy toppers when you can add these guilt-free spiced nuggets and add a little more oomph? Or how about some savory cookies? Or crushing up and sprinkling into corn muffins? Oh man. Excuse me while I get cooking!

Even though the entire brand of Saffron Road is not vegan (but really how many brands of snacks are?) I will totally be buying these chickpeas again. The company, launched in 2010, mission is to restore the sacredness of food and ethical consumerism which they do by ensuring they only use the best ingredients for there recipes – and isn’t that what we all are hoping for when we get snacking (or eating, really)?

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