November 2015 – New Year, New Resolution

Your ThoughtsAh November – cooler weather and hopefully rain in NorCal? Please? I didn’t remember this about Sacramento, but it’s hot here for the whole month of October! I don’t know why that should surprise me but it did. And got annoying because I was so ready to break out the Fall and warmer clothes and it didn’t get to happen. But it’s November so hopefully cooler weather is a coming. Obviously if I’m talking weather that must mean October wasn’t too eventful. Here is my October update and November 2015 – New Year, New Resolution.

So October was actually pretty good. I totally got into training for the half-marathon in January and I’ve gotten up to 10 miles. I don’t know if it’s the best way to train since I only do long runs on Saturday or Sunday and then walking or a boot camp class during the week. But I have added more time to my workouts during the week so I am ranging about 90 minutes during the week of either walking or a class plus a If I quit Nowwalk. I seriously need to add more strength training though. Before I moved that was really my only focus at the gym and I had some great looking arms but not anymore – something more to work on. As for the October resolution of the Elimination Diet I have done really good! I couldn’t help myself and added the peanuts back in, but they just aren’t tasting right so I’m going to cut back a lot on them and go back to almonds mostly. I also couldn’t help myself and added coffee creamer back. I’m going to see how my body handles it, but I do notice that it just doesn’t taste as good as what my mind remembers. Way too sweet for sure. So the Elimination Diet is good for something – cutting out the sweet tooth! And it’s helped with getting some weight off, too. The hard thing to remember is that running does not equal weight-loss. It means muscle. Which does not mean loss. (I almost lol’ed!) So I How to Stay Motivatedhave to keep that in my irrational mind that I am doing awesome things for my body, and getting fitter … but doesn’t mean that the weight-gain or staying the same is bad.

So my November resolution is to utilize my health insurance. Now, this may sound like a dumb resolution but I don’t go to the doc, dentist, or eye doc enough. Or like ever – I have never been very good about it. The only time I like going to the doc is when I go to get new glasses. And with all the moves I’ve done it’s been awhile since I’ve even done that, and it’s time for a new set of specs. But most importantly I want to get to the doc so I can get a referral to a sports nutritionist so that I can make sure I don’t have the same health setbacks I had the last time I ran a half-marathon. I didn’t train well then, and I can see myself heading back in that direction especially as I come in to the home-stretch of the training. I know that my eating needs to be healthier, and the recovery and stretching needs some serious help. I’m also worried about how to stay healthy the few days following the half since I’ll be getting on a plane within days of completing it. That makes me nervous. So doc appointments are going to get scheduled.

2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy – no sweets!

February: Budgeting – money got saved and spent on moving

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

March: Eating Homemade Goodies Only – made Elimination Diet goodies

April: Clean Eating – done

May: Workout Calendar and Challenges – Will need to figure this out for after the move

June: Get Out and About On Weekends – not so much except to the gym

July: No Eating After 7pm – Going to the gym after work means I get home later and I eat later

August: Elimination Diet – did awesome

September: Continue Elimination Diet – did great

October – Continue Elimination Diet – Did Awesome!!

November – Make Doctor Appointments

Weight & Inches
Total: -5.6lbs, -2.5in

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