December 2015 – New Year, New Resolution

You can't run away from your problemsWell November kind of flew by in blur, which is not normal for me. Normally my months kind of drag by. But this month was a flurry of packing some stuff up and moving to storage one weekend, constant runs and workouts, trying to find fun things to eat for the work week, and losses and gains. Pretty typical for me. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are gearing up for the next holiday! Here is my November update and December 2015 – New Year, New Resolution.

So this will be a short update. Not a lot going on, even though November was a good month for my runs. I’ve done so good building up my miles and have gotten up to 12 – all on the treadmill. I am just so proud of myself! This last weekend I wasn’t feeling well so I just did some runs and mostly walking, which I was upset with, but then I started not feeling well and it made sense. The thing that made me most upset was that I lost a ton of weight at the beginning of the month, then gained almost Weight lossall of it back. Then got back on track. It just goes to show that even on an elimination diet you can still gain weight. It’s all about control. As for my monthly resolution I got doc appointments requested and waiting to hear back. So at least it was accomplished.

My December resolution? Well it’s not going to be a real one. I am continuing the Elimination Diet and getting my running done. My goal is to be at 15 miles before the half marathon …. eeek! It seems like so many miles, so many hours, but obviously I know I can do it. I’ve got 12 miles in and done, so logically I know I can do it. As for the Elimination Diet – I have been doing good and Thanksgiving wasn’t terrible – a little cheating went good and it wasn’t a lot. I made my Spinach Artichoke Mashed Potatoes and yum. I just ate on a lot of that. I did some baking that wasn’t true Elimination Diet but when you live with six other people, I just give it to them to eat so I don’t have to look at it.

Look in the Mirror and Keep Going2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy – going good!

February: Budgeting – figuring it out again

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

March: Eating Homemade Goodies Only – made Elimination Diet goodies

April: Clean Eating – done

May: Workout Calendar and Challenges – should really get back into this

June: Get Out and About On Weekends – not so much except to the gym

July: No Eating After 7pm – Going to the gym after work means I get home later and I eat later

August: Elimination Diet – did awesome

September: Continue Elimination Diet – did great

October – Continue Elimination Diet – still going strong

November – Make Doctor Appointments

December – Continue Elimination Diet and Run 15 Miles

Weight & Inches
Total: -3.8lbs, -2in

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