New Year, New Resolutions – July 2016

I willOh goodness June, where did you go? It really was the month that totally flew by – although I think I say that every month, because by the end of them they seem to have flown by faster than when you’re actually living through them. Am I right? Because when you’re stuck at your desk time sure does not fly by! But this month has hit us, and Northern California is sure feeling the heat – it was seriously 108 degrees the other day – no exaggeration. (who me, exaggerate?) That type of heat is just crazy. But it’s a new month with new goals, so here is my New Year, New Resolutions – July 2016.

So it’s been a bit since my last update, I was on vacay visiting my family in Texas and was totally enjoying their rain. Yes rain in Texas in May and early June. Crazy weather everywhere. It was so nice to get a break from everything, no worries, getting to just hang out and be loved. Was not ready to come back to real life and responsibility – yuck! But since I wasn’t around my scale I didn’t update that, but the last few months have been total disappointments with the scale – we are in the midst of a hate-hate relationship. I hate it, and it doesn’t care that I hate it. But other than the scale not being cooperative, my life is the same. I’ve gotten some more I ate healthyresponsibility at work so that is taking up more time, and it means I’m learning a little more which I’m thankful for. I’ve also been cleaning out some files around my desk area and getting a crap-ton of paper cuts – why do they hurt so bad? I had a couple interviews, which I did not get, but it was nice to feel wanted by getting them.

July goals are written down. On a post-it note. On my desk. Yep, I actually wrote them down at work and they are sitting there staring at me. Reminding me that I am not allowed sugar. This time I’m starting small, because I was contemplating restarting the Elimination Diet again, but whenever I cut things out hardcore I end up hurting myself physically by not getting the nutrients I need. So this months goals are 1. No sugar (except my weekend Starbucks and dark chocolate covered coffee beans [hey, it’s a start]); 2. Make banana ice cream every weekend (this will help with the no sugar, and for when I need treats); 3. Make more soups and salads (so guess what my Beauty Isn't Measured in Poundsrecipes might be this month). Not anything major, but small wins this race and that’s what I’m doing. As for working out I’m totally in love my strength and bootcamp classes. I’m getting stronger and can see actual definition in my arms and feel the muscles in my legs. The ab region? Needs work / help. Oh – and did I mention I signed up for another 1/2 marathon? Yep, number 3 all signed up and training for it. Eeek!! It’s this October, the Folsom Blues Breakout – I think it’s Johnny Cash related because there will be some bands playing throughout. But the reason I signed up for it was because my motivation was and is lacking – I need a goal, and sometimes for me the goal has to be extreme. Like jogging 13.1 miles. At one time. With no stopping <—October goal.

Now for the important stuff:

Weight & Inches
Total: -.4lbs, +1in

Get some Pinterest motivation here – Better Your Body

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