Cleaner Eating and Doing it Vegan

9 Clean Cereals

9 Clean Cereals

Well, it is that time of the year again… Lent.  For the past four years I have used Lent as a way to give up food items that I have become dependent on.  Foods I find emotional comfort in.  Foods I have fun with.  And foods I have just plain found addictive.

The past years I have given up Starbucks (all products purchased at Starbucks) because of the Caramel Frappuccino and the extra caramel I would ask for. I have given up all chips, regular and white chocolate, soda, most crackers, Chex Mix, yogurt covered foods, store bought cookies, peanut butter chips.  All foods that are easy to purchase and snack, doing the up down up down with your hand…eating and reaching eating and reaching.  These foods all add on the unnecessary calories and do absolutely nothing for my emotions or thoughts.  All they would do was make me feel ashamed, fat and overly stuffed to the point of grossness.  Not Good.  And all items that are highly, highly processed.  Notice I never gave up anything healthy?

So for this years Lenton, I at first thought about giving up sugar.  Something as a hypoglycemic does nothing healthy for me, but I couldn’t give up…obviously hard since sugar is addictive.  Then I figured I would be giving up more that just my candy corn addiction, but regular foods too.  Spaghetti sauce, breads, popcorns.  So then it was a quick leap to all processed foods.  Harder then anything I have ever done, giving up foods that I rely on for quick meals, before bed snacks and drinks that are something different then water.

So, this year is all processed foods, anything I don’t make myself is out… and to be clear there are a few foods that I am keeping.  Soy milk and creamer, tofu and 9 cereals from the Eating Well magazine.  But I will pretty much be making everything myself, and figuring out what it is I want to snack on that is not easily accessible.

And, after eating all the crap processed foods that I wouldn’t be able to eat anymore, I “donated” everything else to my parents.  Bad food for good people, but some of it was useful-brown sugar and pudding, others just plain bad for you.  But it is out of my house!  That is what is important right now to me.  Not in my house, not able to look at it and salivate over it.

Wish me luck!  This is going to be a tough one-more expensive than anything else I have done, that is for sure.  Do you eat clean? How do you afford it all and still have a normal life? What do you eat when you go to restaurants?  Thanks for the support!!

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