Vegan Purse and Sandals

Vegan Purse and SandalsI have always been a lover of purses.  Not so much shoes or other accessories, or really clothes in general.  Not very girly of me to admit, but being overweight and insecure will do that to a person.  Now I am more clothes conscience and like to shop for dresses and high heels but one thing that will fit you always?  Purses.  Here is my recent Vegan Purse and Sandals purchase

So the one thing that I have loved most about accessorizing is handbags or purses.  I have always loved big purses; the bigger the better.  I think it is because I always carry a book with me, usually a hardback, and books just won’t fit in a smaller bag.  I also carry a liter water bottle and so I also need a tall purse.  My purses have to be sturdy because I am none-to-gentle with them and they have to have an inside pocket with zipper and outside pocket for keys. It also has to be cute and usually needs to be black, but I have been getting over my color-phobia and branching out.  I don’t believe I have ever purposely owned a vegan bag before, and I know up until recently a few name brands I have bought weren’t so I have been more conscience of looking.

Vegan Purse and SandalsShoes had never been all that important to me until recently.  Being tall and overweight my feet size had always been a size 11 and usually a wide was best.  The only shopping place to find shoes in my town growing up was Payless Shoes.  And I am serious about it being the only place.  Again, not purposely purchasing vegan, but Payless had many shoe options that were not animal-made.

Well, I had resigned up for the Vegan Cuts monthly snack box, more on that in another post, and with that sign-up I got a $15 off coupon to Vegan Chic, which I had been wanting to buy from.  And with a coupon I finally could!   On the main page you can immediately choose to shop by size, which is what I have to do with my shoes size.  I can’t just go to the main listing and look for cute first then size.  Me it’s size then cuteness.  VC’s shop is still growing thankfully, but not a lot off size 11 options sadly, but I did find those awesome pink sandals that I have been wearing almost everyday to work they are so light and comfy!  Even better? They were on clearance!  Gotta love sales!

Vegan Purse and SandalsLuckily they had more purse options.  I purused the pages until I found this awesome pink purse…pink me?  But I have gotten lots of compliments and both the shoes and purse, so I think I need to add more color to my life?  Hmm, maybe.  But this purse called to me, and I think it was the cute pouch on the front that did it.  I also like shoulder purses, not the ones with small straps that you have to carry or crossbody’s.  Those I just can’t do.  But this baby was perfect.  The only thing was they didn’t have pictures so I had to put my trust in the description.  Thankfully I did!

And! The Two-Tone Vegan Handbag – Starr is on sale right now.  It wasn’t when I was searching, but the sandals had been, so with the coupon I totally got lucky!  The purse comes in two colors, and my sister-in-law likes my bag so maybe she will get one for her birthday!  Anything I can do to spread the vegan accessory love I will.

**This post was not sponsored by any company.  Everything was purchased with my own funds.**

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