Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce

Cranberry and Blueberry SauceI said it last year, I will say it this year and I will go on saying it next year – that I love cranberry sauce.  The one out of the can is my most favorite and the sugar effect that happens after I eat it totally does me in, but oh man I do continue to want to go back to it.  This year I tried my hand at the actual congealed / jam kind.  Here is my Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce.

~Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce

Last year I made a cranberry and pear sauce that was super tart and I think only my youngest nephew and I ate and enjoyed…I remember my mom making too-tart faces while she dutifully ate it, though she wasn’t enjoying it.  This year I wanted to try something a little different.  Since I now love to make my own jam, I decided to try it with my cranberry sauce.

Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce

To make it a little sweeter I used frozen blueberries and added them to the pot to melt with the cranberries.  I also used a no-calorie sweetener instead of brown sugar.  I used twice the amount of pectin to make sure my sauce stuck together instead of falling apart.  Also, I let it sit in the fridge overnight.


Cranberry and Blueberry SauceCranberry and Blueberry Sauce

12 oz Pkg Fresh Cranberries
10 oz Bag Frozen Blueberries
Juice of 1 Orange
2 Tbsp Vanilla
1/2 Tsp Allspice
1 Tsp Ginger
3 Tbsp Pectin
1/2 C No Calorie Sweetener

1. Pour cranberries through pectin into pot and turn in medium-high.
2.  Bring to a boil.
3. Once boiling add sugar and stir, stir, stir.
4. Continue to stir for one whole minute of boiling.
5. Take off burner and use potato masher and mash really well.
6.  Pour into container and put in fridge.
7. Let cool completely.
8. Enjoy!
* if you want a smooth kind if sauce pour carefully into food processor and pulse. Pour into container and out in fridge.

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