2014 New Years “Resolution”

I willNew Year’s resolutions are a natural part of our year.  We all have grand idea’s and plans that will help us get to a better us.  New Year, New You right?  New Year Restart maybe?  Restart a plan that maybe didn’t get fulfilled from the year before?  Or a new workout plan, or maybe actually start one?  Healthier eating, or actually making meals at home instead of eating out?  Here is my 2014 New Years “Resolution.”

Most people have big, grandiose plans – but sometimes they don’t pan out.  Or get stuck to.  Every year for the last four or five years I have given up one food item, and thankfully have stuck to not eating it.  Usually a food item that I have no self-control over like Cheez-its or Starbucks.  Yes, I gave up Starbucks.  Why? Because I literally have no control when a good food gets put in front of me.

This year?  I am giving up fish crackers, or Goldfish, the childrens Cheez-it.  That’s the main food item.  But I am also starting back up my cleaner eating.  Last year during Lent Can'twhen I did it I gave up all processed items except coffee creamer.  I did great at the entire 40 days / nights, even losing a good amount of weight and inches, but found I drank way more coffee and creamer then I ever did before.  This year I am giving up creamer but am going to add the sugar free Torani syrups with almond or soy milk.  Now I know it still has sugars in it, but it is all about cutting back and going cleaner.

The hardest part for me is not the giving up of food.  Believe me, I been doing that just fine for over ten years.  Going lightly vegetarian then to fully but only eating dairy was something I easily did.  The truly hardest part for me is when I get home from work and keeping portions on track. I pack my breakfast, lunch and snack and take them to work – but when I get home it is like a free-for-all.  I know exactly what I will be having but other things look so much better, or the portion of what I am having doubles.  I know I am not hungry, but when I get home suddenly it was like I was deprived all day long!

January 2014 Workout CalendarFor my workouts I have made up a workout calendar.  Two years ago when I was training for my half-marathon I had a training plan that I took with me daily to the gym.  I had a copy at work that I crossed out the workouts on.  I was proud of myself, showed my progress, and it truly helped.  So for the month of January I created this plan.  It is very repetitive, but the gym I currently attend does not have any classes, it is just treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and weight machines.  Very boring, so writing it out and being able to do a few different things instead of just walking all the time will keep me interested.  Weekly I have two rest days, two strength days, one treadmill hill day, one cross-train day, and one jogging interval day.

Also it is important to find your focus – I am not the type of person who can be on a workout machine and just listen to music.  I need an amazing tv show to hold my attention, especially if I am on the treadmill and doing a run.  I trained for my half-marathon on the treadmill, only doing my Saturday long runs outside with music.  A personal tv on the treadmill meant I could choose my own focus and let the body take over. And yes, I really did run 10 miles on the treadmill while watching a movie on TNT.  Also, the Food Network is awesome for a good calorie burn 🙂

Plank ChallengeI workout almost daily; I get up at 5am during the week and get my behind to the gym.  Even if I don’t go all out I know that I did something good for myself.  With the above workout plan, I have focus.  But this plank plan is my true goal.  My bodily problem area is my abdomen, and whenever I get to the gym I always do my cardio and think that will beat my fat into submission.  Well, time to pop that dumb bubble.  This plank challenge from He and She Eat Clean is my January goal!  Who’s with me?

Some Megan Tips:
*Don’t go full out right off the bat; you will feel prouder of yourself by starting slow on the cardio or light on the weights and work up to full potential.
*Take breaks; don’t feel like it one day? Take it off, do less, don’t go full out. Even the smallest amount is better than nothing.
*Can’t do a true plank? Me either! I do mine on my elbows, not hands. Start on your knees, not your toes.
*The only person you are trying to beat is yourself; who are you truly trying to impress?  Because really, the only person who will be disappointed in you if / when you do not complete something is you.
*Print inspirational sayings and tape them up around your house. I have them by the front door, on my bathroom mirror and by my bedroom door, and the kitchen. They don’t have to be workout / eating related. Just inspirational to you.

Need further motivation?  Follow my Pinterest board Better Your Body!

11 thoughts on “2014 New Years “Resolution”

  1. I like the calendar idea. I’m also inspired by the number of miles you’ve done on a treadmill! I’ve been swimming instead of running (outside) due to a hip/knee thing. But treadmill running is much better on the hip/knee for me, so I might just try mixing in the treadmill running. I’m going to try a movie and see what happens 🙂

    • The calendar is working for me, it is fun to get to cross out the days / workouts that you completed. It is easier to stay on track that way also. No slacking or excuses once I get to the gym. Swimming is a great workout also, and so is doing strength workouts in the pool too! Good luck with the movie on the treadmill – I hope it works for you.

  2. Oh, also…I transitioned away from “stuff in my coffee” as I was going vegan too. I didn’t like the taste of the soy milks/almond milks very much, so eventually I just went black! Now, I don’t even think about it. It takes a little while, but not too long!

    • Oh, I am agreeing with you about the non-milk dairy. It just isn’t the same, and I have definitely cut back on how much is going in my coffee, but I haven’t gotten to the all-black coffee point yet. I think I will though.

  3. I love the approach of cutting out foods slowly. Have you tried using coconut milk in place of creamer? I haven’t but I heard a lot of people are loving it!

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  5. Great resolutions! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂

    Hope your week is great! Can’t wait to see what you link up this week!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

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