One Week Fitness Update

One Week UpdateWell, what a week.  I had to work a few days last week and of course back to full time this week, cleaner eating has been a little difficult with the end of the pay-period and not a lot of money to buy the better items, and the training plan and plank plan. What. A. Week.  If you didn’t catch the first post about my training and plank fitness plan for the month check it out here.  Here is my One Week Fitness Update.

I forgot to let you know the day you officially start your plan (whenever or whatever that plan may be) to weigh and measure yourself.  I did it on Wednesday, the 1st, so my official update is 1 pound and 3 inches lost-totally awesome!  Now, I weigh myself daily but the official weight is Wednesday.  Something I need to remember throughout the week, because the number on the scale really messes with my mind.  It is probably a sickness, the daily weighing, but I can’t stop myself and feel a little out of control when I can’t.

This training plan has helped a lot.  For a very long time at the gym I have been all over the place and would just be happy that I showed up.  Well, this plan helps me to know what days to push harder (jog 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes is a tough one).  It has also been tiring, but I don’t know if that is equated to the gym time or the stress that I have going on at work.  Don’t you hate when things are going bad in one part of your life it kind of shows up somewhere on your body?  Me, it’s my stomach.

And the plank challenge?  OMG, I think this is one of the most difficult things I have done! I mean, I think I really should have reviewed the entire plank challenge before telling myself I was going to do it! Cause 60 second planks with only 10 second rests?  You may not be able to see the progress through all the fat but I feel stronger in my core; I am sure feeling the soreness in my abs, shoulders and arms, and back.   That may not be where I am supposed to be feeling it, but I am so proud of myself!  Day 3 was the worst ever, but day 5 was awesome, but day 7 sucked!  Very proud of myself that I am still committed to doing it!

The eating has been alright.  I of course made all my meals, no changes there.  I added back into my diet morning oatmeal and celery for after lunch snacks.  Why I initially cut out the low-cal snack I don’t know but oh, well.  It is back and fortunately cheap.  On the other hand, if you are wanting to lose weight don’t make a zucchini bread to enter in a recipe contest – on a Saturday, and then have it in the kitchen the rest of the weekend!  Not smart Megan, not smart.  Really.  Recipe will be along in a few days, and it was sugar free.  Totally clean (excuses, yes.).  Also, this is quite embarrassing to admit, but my work situation has been so stressful and up-in-the-air for the last 10 months that I have put on about 20 pounds!  Not healthy, for my body or my sanity.  This week has been extra tough at work with coming back and trying to pack up our office for a move and applying for other jobs.  Work stress, ugh!  Really makes me wish I worked out at night instead of the mornings, to get my stress out after work.  Oh well, a workout at anytime is a good time!

January 2014 Workout Calendar

Train along with me!

Plank Challenge

Plank it Along With Me

So how was your first full week of your resolution, reboot, restart, redo?  Hope it was just as or more successful than mine 🙂

8 thoughts on “One Week Fitness Update

  1. Great week – and one pound down is awesome! I’ve had good workouts, but I’m not weighing myself until Saturday for a good baseline. If I do it every day, I get too bummed by the natural fluctuations! I probably should do it to stay on track, but I think one a week is a more accurate reminder!

    Love the plank challenge! I need to focus on my core – I’ll definitely join you!

    • Thanks, I know logically that one pound is awesome, but my silly head thinks it should be more. We always want more. Old saying “we didn’t put it on overnight, it won’t come off overnight” runs through my head often. I could sure use someone else doing the plank challenge with me. I thought the planks were hardest but now the mountain climbers? Those hurt!

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