New Year’s Resolutions – Week 7 Update

Week 7 UpdateI have had another good week.  A call for and setting up of an interview, time spent with the family, keeping motivated enough to make it to the gym each day (saying something here!), better grocery shopping and eating.  I am one of those people that sometimes grocery shops after work when I am a-starving and everything looks so amazing.  Not so much a bad thing, but when every veg looks so good (frozen and fresh) and then they all end up in my cart, the grocery bill is outrageous!  Well, you can tell if I am spending this time talking about groceryheart vs mind shopping the week has been amazingly better than past ones!

So this week at work was not bad, but man I got royally pi$$ed at one point – the boss sent an email and I replied regarding something in the body of the text and the boss replied back that he thought I was “more intelligent than that”.  Ahem.  Pardon me while I again try and calm myself.  At least that happened on Thursday, and then he left that afternoon for 1 1/2 weeks.  Thank.  Goodness.  Other than that, coworkers are all stressed and commiserating together.  One has decided to leave because she can’t take it anymore.  I am just enjoying the quiet.  Next week should be interesting!

This is Your LifeThe main thing I am really disappointed in is the jobs I have applied for that I really want to hear from but haven’t.  I have applied at tons of jobs around the country, but at four dream companies that are the ultimate places I would love to work.  Places where I would totally be a housekeeping person just to get a foot in the door.  Three non-profits and one agency, but all that I want, want, want to work for.  Positive thinking is super hard for me, as I am a naturally negative and pessimistic person, but I think everyday about them (about how great I would be in the position) and send thoughts out to the universe to help me hear from them. I am super disappointed that I haven’t heard anything and it has been more than 2 weeks for a couple and I will be disappointed if I don’t hear from them at all, but at least I tried.  The least I can do.

Food this week wasn’t horrible, but when I spend time away from my home and normal routine my head This is Your Lifegoes into vacation mode and I loose all site of my goals.  I want to eat what everyone else is eating, or just want to eat in general.  No control is basically what my vacation mode means.  I think I did pretty good, but I did gain after I got back home and had to give myself a stern talking to (all in my head) and remind myself that it is not okay to go away and gain 3 pounds upon return…upon returning after only being gone 1 day! Yes, it is true.  My middle name is not control.  Or discipline.  But, I did get myself going in the right direction over the weekend and came out with losing all that excess. Now back to it for real again, and start losing real pounds and not just losing what I have regained!

My workouts were way better this week than last, but my motivation is still low and I just feel tired.  I wake up and lay there then make myself get up.  I tell myself that I just need to get to the gym and move, not push hard or anything, but to just get up and get there.  This has worked and I have made it.  I may not Want to Knowhave jogged as fast as I would have before, or walked as powerfully as before, or pushed as hard at the weights as before, but I made it every day and also completed my challenge squats, sit-ups and planks.  Though I would not recommend skipping a day and then doing two days together.  Ahem – 113 squats and over 50 full sit-ups is actually more painful than I had thought in my head it would be.  Truly.

***This weeks motivational quotes are all about personal thoughts and how to not be negative in my own head – things I need to remember while trying to live a life that atNever Known some points seem disappointing.  Maybe not to others, but to me.  Others see my life and think I have it great.  No one knows what is happening in your head and how you think about yourself, your life, or environment.  Or how your environment affects your thoughts.  My life as I see it is far from perfect, things in it do make me happy, but I still feel unfulfilled.  Not what I want to continue with – I want to be happy with myself and life. Because in all honesty, it is very hard sometimes not to beat myself up or to continuously wonder why I am not good enough at … everything? Or at least some things, because I know I rock in my job.***

No more complaints though – I made it to the gym, ate great, made some good decisions and I still have a job?  Not going to dwell on the actual workout effort, the foods that called to me that I bought and ate but weren’t as fulfilling as I wanted them to be, or think about that stupid email from the boss.  Positive thoughts bring positive outlook, right?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -0.8lbs,  -1.5in
Total from the 1st: -6.6lbs, -7.5in

Fitting Into Vegan Feb14 Training PlanTrain along with me with the February Training Plan and Challenges!

So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other peoples positive progress more so than mine :)



Fitting Into Vegan Feb14 ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get some killer abs and a butt to bounce a coin off of…or at least torture yourself along with me!

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – Week 7 Update

  1. I can relate to all of this! I’m proud of you. I would say, if you asked, go easy on yourself. Be nice. Look how hard you’re working! Great job! Keep going!
    I just started taking a “Mindfulness” class. That sounds nebulous, right? It’s going to last 8 weeks. I’ll probably blog about it. It’s all about being quiet (meditating) so you can “hear” yourself. Find out what you want. Relax. Be nice to yourself. All that.

    • Thank you – sometimes when everything is piling up on you, you forget that you are not alone. Your words continue to help me, and please let me know how the class goes. I have never meditated before, but maybe it is what I need!

    • It is very hard not to give in to the negative, but after this post I thought to myself that I really was letting everything get to me. I need to stop, or at least recognize it when my thoughts get to bad. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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