New Years Resolutions – Week 9 Update

Week 9 UpdateHow’s everyone’s week 9 going? Are you as glad you made it out of February safely like I am? Sheesh, for 28 days that felt like a seriously long month! Work drama abounded, work stress seriously got to all of us (my family included since I have to vent to people), lots of interviews and rejections, good food was made and eaten…too much, exercise was planned and fulfilled. Overall not so bad of a month, but, oh yes, I am glad it is done.


February was full of stress but to keep it positive it was also full of interviews. Even though I was rejected from every one…lol, I can only laugh about this…it was still awesome to have been called. That is the hardest part when job-searching – not being called or evenControl getting a rejection letter at all from the company. Heading into March I was contacted to do a web interview for last Monday, but with the horrible snowstorm hitting the east coast it was canceled. And thankfully rescheduled for Friday. So glad for rescheduling. And yes, the job is on the east coast which means if I got the job I would be moving. Truly sad, because I will miss the fam horribly, but I gotta do what I gotta do right? Hopefully more interviews will come my way, no matter where in the US they are, because it is just plain fun getting called! As for work – the boss has still not made a decision but I decided to be up front with him and told him I was interviewing. Just plain got tired of walking around on eggshells about needing time off for interviews. He was very receptive and the next day even sent me a job announcement…again, I laughed at that. I guess we both know where we stand. Talk about a weight lifting from my shoulders.

I Shape MeNormally now I would be covering my eating but that paragraph will be next because the workouts tie in a different way for this week. My March workout plan is awesome; however, I have only done one day of it. Saturday the 1st to be exact. Which is truly ridiculous. But, Saturday was my first time doing super-hard circuit training and I think I overdid the “hard” because I was so incredibly sore and tired on Sunday. I normally try to do something on Sundays at the apartment gym while my laundry is drying (while washing I am getting ready for the gym); usually it is power-walking on the treadmill but this time I could barely get myself slow walking. I did it, I made myself stay there but it was such a trial I was ready for a nap after it…and I had only been up about 2 hours! Monday no workout because I stayed with my parents on Sunday to watch the Oscars (I don’t have cable, so whenever something good is on that I want to watch I go and invade their space) so I didn’t do anything. Tuesday was supposed to be an icy day so I was going to do something in the morning at home, and I even set my alarm and got up, but just plain had no will power. Wednesday is my normal off day. Thursday I will be back in the gym! But I really think my body is saying I am doing great – but give me a rest! On the brightest note, I have some seriously buff biceps going on! With the plank challenge in January, and doing it in February also and my continued circuit training I have some awesome arm muscles going on! I even made my mom feel them – and she was totally impressed. Really she was, After Saturdays hard workout I kept flexing the guns and admiring myself. Shameful maybe, but super proud of them 🙂

Bored not HungrySo now for the eating. I am proud to say I did not let the job shutdowns get to me by eating. I did not overeat this weekend, and in fact planned really well on Sunday with the Oscars. But with taking Monday – Wednesday off from the gym I have had to seriously be mindful of my calories. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to track everything, and my calorie limit is 1200. Normally, not to difficult. But sometimes, the mindless munchies happen and suddenly I am hitting astronomical numbers. Embarrassing even to me! I have had to be super mindful of every calorie, forgoing the planned breakfast of overnight oatmeal and just doing PB and an apple, then coming home and being strict with myself…which is not easy. It meant trying out more Eating for One recipes or having a big pot of boiled or steamed and sautéed broccoli. All yummy, but my self-control is nil…even lower than nil. But I beat it and lost weight this week! Woo hoo!

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -1.4lbs,  -1in
Total from the 1st: -6.4lbs, -9in

FIV March 14 Workout PlanTrain along with me with the March Training Plan and Challenges!

So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other peoples positive progress more so than mine :)



FIV March 14 ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get some killer shoulders, crunched abs, and some muscular thighs! Really, it’s fun!

6 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Week 9 Update

  1. I love that – Dear stomach, you’re bored not hungry so shut up!!! I’m generally tired and just need a nap, I just have so much to do I don’t listen 😀 Congratulations on the weight loss!! I hope to have similar results soon 😀

    • Isn’t that a great sign? I printed it out and have taped it to my freezer door – so it’s eye-level. But usually when I see it I tell myself “mind” you are not hungry, just bored. You will have positive results, because you want them it will happen.

  2. Keep at it girl. I am doing my measurements on Sunday. I am telling you – sometimes you lose inches when the scale says the same number. My Thigh, baby pooch, and bat wings annoy me.

    • Thanks, it is hard to remember the good things when the bad seem to keep coming. But the weight loss or inches is progress, so it keeps me positive 🙂 You will do great, and things will stop being annoying, and you will find other things to annoy you, lol.

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