New Years Resolutions – Week 14 Update

Week 14 UpdateTotally a better outlook for this week after the last few weeks of total-depressive attitude. Took my doh! moment and kept it in mind throughout the weekend. Figured I needed to make a major attitude adjustment, because the current one was totally not working for me. In life or work. Not anything major happening here, but here is my New Years Resolution’s – Week 14 Update.

Complaining Won't Burn Calories

I. Wish!

Went to the doc last Friday as a follow up to the appointment in mid-March. Need to figure out the reasoning behind my dizziness, fuzzy headedness, and why I feel weird while in movement. As I said before pretty much all my blood work came back fine, even the B12 and iron which my doc and I both thought were the issues. Also my glycemic level was perfectly fine which is what I have been blaming these feelings on. Weird, because my sugars have been so out of whack for over a month now – they will drop suddenly, many hours after I have eaten anything that could do damage, or raise super-high with no warning. The resulting feeling is exactly what I have been feeling. But, my doc is stumped. So she is referring me to 3 separate people – an ENT to see if maybe I have an inner ear issue; a cardiologist because of my hypo-tension and shallow breathing (sounds weird but is true); a phlebotomist to do a 3 hour sugar test. I just really, seriously hope that my insurance covers all of that or something won’t be happening – cause I got some seriously crappy insurance.

Reason Why I CanI took my realization from last week about my very huge overeating / portion control issue and made myself think about it. Like I literally would be sitting and reading and a thought entered my mind about eating and I made myself think about my portions and was I really hungry, did I need to eat, should I get something to drink. Luckily I had to spend the weekend doing serious packing and cleaning since I am now moving a week earlier than planned (not my choice) so I was able to make myself do busy work to try and ignore the urge to eat. It really helped and I was able to lose weight over the weekend instead of gain. A first in a long time. Let me say I was very proud of myself, and since I am actually moving this weekend and I will hopefully be able to spend some time unpacking this weekend and next – which will give me some time to put thoughts elsewhere besides eating.

DisciplineMy workouts have been going good. I switched some things up and have been doing more strength training. I have said this before, but I am really loving my muscles, and if I can’t make myself do cardio (except maybe to save my life) then muscle training it is. Since I won’t have a gym to access, I will need to look into some strength training videos (anyone have any suggestions?); I have one that I am getting a little tired of since I have had if for like 8 years now. Time for something new and varied….kind of like in my life, not just workout vids. The challenge is heating me up – really, I get a good sweat going now that I am in my second full week. Yowza, can I feel the hamstrings a-working. And my back is super sore (that’s a good thing), so I know I am doing good. Have you been doing the Challenge? How you feeling?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: – 2lbs,  -1.5in
Total from the 1st: -6.2lbs, -8.5in

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April WorkoutTrain along with me with the April Training Plan and Challenges! We will workout hard for half the month, then slow it down and take it easy the last half.

So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :)


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Get you entire backside into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun!


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