Food Should Taste Good – Review

Food Should Taste GoodSo does GMO bother you as much as it should? Or being sure you are getting good and healthful ingredients in your snacks? These chips are not only made with health in mind, but are certified GMO free. A big step in the right direction for the snacking industry! Another reason to buy and try these chips? They are cholesterol-free, have no trans fat, mostly gluten-free and many are vegan! Come on – healthy chips? Okay, we are buying Food Should Taste Good for sure!

So it is moving day today for me and like all moving days (and vacation travel days) there is not any real food around…because it is all packed up or New Packaging Labelin transit. Meaning snacking happens. A lot of snacking. So how to combat the snacking? Well first be sure to have easy-to-eat fruit on hand – bananas, apples, oranges. Next? Healthy snacks bags or easily reach-in-and-grab bags. The best ones are chips of course! Now you may know that a few years ago for Lent I gave up all chips. Well, when I was contacted to try the FSTG brand I had to, you know, give in and try them! A hardship for sure! And boy were my taste buds pleasantly surprised!

I was wonderfully surprised to find a Huge box in the mail with full-size bags of chips…thankfully they were all vegan so I could try them. Again, not too much complaining going on. And these chips rocked! They tasted so good (which they should since that is what the label claims) but didn’t have that nasty too-salty flavor of normal potato or tortilla chips. Or taste like I was eating a mouthful of oil. Nope, just full-o-flavor goodness! The first one I tried, the Lime Tortilla chips, were so good! The name alone scared me a little because let’s face it – I am not adventurous and a lime flavored chip is way into adventure land. But dang! These were so good! And made me wish I had my homemade guac sitting around, because it would be the perfect pairing.

The other two I tried were just as good as the lime. The first was the Sweet Potato tortilla chip and it tasted like yummy savory sweet potatoes. I loved that the flavor wasn’t overpowering or that they didn’t add any unnecessary flavors to it to mask the yummy sweet potato. Also, they bake the tortilla chips first then lightly fry them in safflower oil – could you get anymore healthy with these things? The second was just as awesome and boy have I had a hankering for them since eating them. The Barbeque Sweet Potato chips had the most awesome bbq flavor and lick-your-fingers goodness. Oh, man. If you want to try one, it definitely needs to be this one. So good. And I am super thankful for these to snack on without the guilt of knowing I am downing crappy-for-you regular chips!

All Bags

Another awesome part about the Food Should Taste Good brand? The new packaging label that lets you know what it has, what it is, and what you should be thankful for! Each of the little pics is a representation of what they have done to ensure the products they put out are what we want and what they have done to give us healthy snacks. It seems like anything you can think of is on there – Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan, Low Sodium, No MSG, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservative’s. Awesome, and thank you!

The ones I really want to try are the new Pita Puffs, but am so super disappointed they aren’t made vegan! Hopefully soon? PS: the only non-vegan ones to stay away from? The Cheddar, White Cheddar, Jalepeno with Cheddar, Chocolate, and the Pita Puffs. So out of the 33 different bags and types of chips only 4 plus the Pita Puffs are not vegan. Whoop, whoop for options!

And as they say:

Snack on,
Food Should Taste Good
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This is a sponsored post – I received goods to try but all opinions are my own.


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