New Years Resolutions – Week 16 Update

Happy Belated Easter everyone. I hope yours was as awesome of a day as mine was. Not horribly unhealthy, barely any candy, and a super-long weekend for me led to a great week. Set-backs happen, but I am trying to move past them and try not to concentrate so much on the eating and lack of working out, and putting that energy into freaking out horribly about being out of work at the end of May if I don’t have a job by then. Yep, trading one stressor for another. Here is this weeks New Years Resolutions – Week 16 Update.

As far as having a super-long weekend went, it was really unadventurous. I had intended to hit up Whole Foods, but got a stomachache on Thursday and figured it just plain wasn’t important to go and spend too much money on things I didn’t necessarily need…though vegan cheese does sound good. Then Friday I made that awesome Zuppa Toscana soup and burned up my mouth with it’s fiery goodness – and being burned on my arm by spitting pureed cauliflower. Oh yeah, good day. What made it even better was the amazingly good Change You Mind Change Your Bodybreakfast that I will give you all next week. Yummmm. Saturday I hung out with my niece and nephews at my parents house – my bro and SIL were in Jamaica (lucky bums!) – and we watched Despicable Me 2, with my youngest nephew spilling all the happenings of the movie before it happened. Fun watching movies with five-year olds. Sunday was an awesome Easter – I got to hide the eggs and that was so fun. All outside, and I think I did good. They had fun running around the huge yard to find them. Easter lunch was great, and not very big. I made two scalloped potatoes. My dad said his needed cheese so that is why two – mine was perfectly fine without. So. That was my long Easter weekend. Nothing awful but not great eating-wise.

Working Out is my Mood ChangerAnd, through all of that, no real workout! No cardio has happened for me in ages, and I can totally feel it. I have only been able to get myself to do the Pilates video a handful of times, and while it makes me sweat and feel strong, I just am not feeling like working out. I have been able to keep up with the challenge though I am getting a little bored with it and have thought up next months challenge and it looks good! But, I am the type of person that (unless I have someone doing the workout video next to me) needs to leave my environment and go to a gym. Either because I am paying for it or because of how awesome the gym amenities are. But, no money and by the end of next month no job means no gym membership. Going to just keep plugging away at what I can make myself do. And try not to beat myself up too bad. Something to work on.

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: + 2.4lbs,  +1.5in
Total from the 1st: -6lbs, -8.5in

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April WorkoutTrain along with me with the April Training Plan and Challenges! We will workout hard for half the month, then slow it down and take it easy the last half.

So how has your week been?   Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :)


April ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get you entire backside into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun!

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