Marshmallow Lego Heads

Marshmallow Lego HeadsMy youngest nephew’s 5th birthday was yesterday. Amazing that five years have gone by with this little guy. I was here when he was born, and for his first year of life before I moved away (one of the hardest days of my life!). He is such a big boy, with opinions on everything and is a freakishly big Lego Star Wars fan. So when I saw Marshmallow Lego Heads pins I knew I was going to make these for his birthday party.

Let me first say these are not by any means vegan, but they were so cute and what I spent Saturday doing in the kitchen that I just had to share this with you πŸ™‚ These marshmallow Lego heads are all over Pinterest right now, especially with the Lego Movie that came out recently, so I did not reinvent the wheel. However, this is just crafty enough to have made me seriously nervous! But, with only three ingredients I knew I couldn’t mess it up too horribly.

Marshmallow Lego Heads Marshmallow Lego Heads Marshmallow Lego Heads Marshmallow Lego Heads





But that didn’t mean I wasn’t totally nervous and made my mom help a little. I totally over-thought the whole process, but I wanted them to turn out totally cool. But then it turned out that melting white chocolate chips and dunking skewered marshmallows was super easy. I started by dumping the entire bag of chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and melted in 30 second intervals until runny. Then IΒ cut mini-marshmallows in half for the top of the “Lego” head, then skewered the large marshmallow and then the mini.

I made sure to have my styrofoam base set up and ready, then dipped and turned the skewered mallows in the chocolate and shook the excess chocolate from them. That really made a mess, so then I tried to gently shake it off, then I got tired of that and let it just drip off onto the styrofoam after I stuck it in to stand up. I got through all of them, and at that point they started falling and I thought they were messed up, but I stuck them in the fridge being careful not to touch anything else. They were in the fridge an hour and the chocolate was hard when I pulled them out – but the mallows had either fallen all the way down the skewers or the big marshmallow had separated from the little one.

Marshmallow Lego HeadsLego Heads Marshmallow Lego Heads Marshmallow Lego Heads

I pulled all the marshmallows from the skewers then remelted the white chocolate and used toothpicks to “glue” the top, tiny marshmallow to the top of the big one and filled in any holes with the chocolate. I set them on the cutting board to dry again for an hour when I was done. Once the tops were hard I shaved a little almond chocolate bark from the brick and melted in the microwave. Using a toothpick I drew the faces on the Lego heads. I went on Pinterest and found an awesome pin to try to copy the faces, and I think it turned out super cute! Yay!


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