New Years Resolutions – Week 25 Update

How’s your week going? Me – not anything big going on so this will be short and sweet. Been pretty productive since I have to move again on Saturday. Not going far, just up the road – and no I have not heard anything regarding jobs. The interviews have dried up and I just heard back from the university I applied to that I didn’t get in. Why? Because it is a Consistencyjunior/senior college and I don’t have enough transfer credits … really? They couldn’t have posted that more clearly on the webpage? Like in blatant, big, bold letters? So, I applied to the community college and will hopefully hear back soon about that. And it will be cheaper than a real college for now. Here’s my New Years Resolutions – Week 25 Update.

So along with those above jewels happening, I was able to stay on a really good eating track – meaning I didn’t over-consume a lot of anything. And I made sure to eat tons of veggies last weekend to get me through gain / lose slump. And I lost! Whoop, whoop! Another reason for this? My daily eatings have been healthier than it has been in awhile. I have changed up my breakfasts again – to not the most nutritional in the long-run – cucumbers. I chop one and pour a little Balsamic Dressing over it and then cut a second into Health Insidethin slices and eat it like chips. It is full of water and not much else, which means it has no real nutritional value so I am not taking in a lot of calories. This is helping me control my over-eating and my need to snack, since eating the cucumbers is like eating chips and that helps with my needing a constant hand-to-mouth movement which is awesome. But again, no real value to my health. But whatever. It’s working for me.

As for working out, I am getting into a good routine with doing a walking tape with my mom, and also working out with the SIL after work. It is fun and not to stressful, although Jillian Michaels still works my butt off and makes me sweat like nobody’s business. A little embarrassing having it shoved in my face how little I have worked out since leaving the gym. And I am totally going to work up a body-sweating challenge for July. It’s time to get back to the sweat people! Another thing, I don’t know if you have seen the new PiYo workout from Beachbody that just came out, but I am totally buying it (cause I love Chalene Johnson) and it looks way hard. And sweat inducing. It’s like a mix of Pilates and yoga, and while some would think that it wouldn’t be all that difficult, you can trust that Chalene will work you out. And get you dripping. I can’t wait to try it, and just so I can support my friend Heather I am ordering the package through her.

So – short and sweet.

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -3.6lbs, -1.5in
Total from the 1st: -5lbs, -10in

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2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Week 25 Update

  1. Sometimes I think it’s the little successes (like staying on track when life seems to be stagnant) that are the most important to building a good foundation in the long run! Stay positive and done little step-backs dissuade you from your long-terms goals!

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