New Years Resolutions – Week 32 Update

Well it’s been a pretty good week for me! I got a new job -whoot, whoot! It’s here in San Antonio (kinda bummed cause I was ready, again, to move, but it’s a job!!!) and closer to the family and where I live, so that’s awesome. My mom and I also decided to do a slim-down over the weekend, which for her was a true cleanse-type diet that she had done before and had a lot of success with, and for me it was not eating crap food. I wanted a loss over the weekend darn-it! So here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 32 Update.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not about the cleanse. I have never done a juice cleanse or some crazy soup diet (though I do love my Zero Calorie Soup!), mainly because if I was doing a juice cleanse I would go nuts not being able to eat! I am all about the hand-to-mouth Don't Eat Less, Eat Right!action. When I am not hungry and eat anyway it’s because of that. Or boredom, let’s just be honest. Which is really every weekend. My mom however has way more control than me and is totally rocking this “cleanse” type diet, the Eat Your Heart Out kickstart diet; she did it last year and lost with it and decided this was the weekend to get back in control with herself and do it. Me – not so much. So what did I do? Decided to not snack. It sounds so simple right? Just decided to not snack? Well not for me, people! I actually had to think about it over the week, so I could plan lunches that would help me stay on track with it, what to buy that would be healthy to have on hand. I did awesome, but what I had planned didn’t happen so I fell off a little with salted pumpkin seeds (OMG don’t keep these around if I am ever at your place cause I love them!) and had quite a bit of them, but I did awesome! No pantry diving, no baking, no other snacking. It was awesome and exactly what I needed to feel great about myself! And yes, we both lost!

Your legs are not giving out - Your head is giving up!As for the workouts, well my SIL and I kept up with the PiYo, but I decided to do the Sweat workout on Saturday morning to help kickoff my healthy weekend. Somehow when you are doing a crazy hard or challenging workout with a partner you don’t realize when you are doing it how hard it really is; even though you may be sweating, if you are talking during it the time flies by and you are just done. Not hard at all. Maybe a little sore later but not hard. Well, holy jeez! The Sweat PiYo workout is 100% hard when you do it by yourself! Sheesh! I had to convince myself not to give up or crap-out and to keep going. I did the whole thing and was super-proud of myself. Having to concentrate during it was tough! And oh wow! I was so completely sore on Sunday I could barely move; I told the SIL that it felt like I was sitting on my bones when I sat on the toilet – the backs of my legs were so sore! TMI but there you go. It’s working people.

So how has your week been?

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -6.2lbs, -1in
Total from the 1st: -8.6lbs, -15in

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