New Years Resolutions -Week 35 Update

When God Gives you a New BeginningWell, Mom and I have made it to Washington, D.C. safe and sound. No flight troubles or lateness. She splurged on a first-class ticket and lived it up. Below is me in coach just chillin. This isn’t going to be a long update – lots still to do! Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 35 Update.

So the last week has been a hectic mess, no eating right or anything so I won’t even go further into that. I spent tons of time with my parents; had a girls day with my SIL, niece, and mom and did pedicures, lunch and shopped. Got to go to my youngest nephews first day of kindergarten on my birthday and that was a great last day before I left. Ended it with a family dinner and cookie dessert and as everyone was saying good-bye to me my older nephew (8 year old) yells ” Don’t I hope that you live the life you're proud of.move to DC Aunt Megan.” Oh gosh. Total teardom pursued after that.

But I am now here starting my next adventure that will hopefully lead to true happiness and great things, personally and professionally. And professionally doesn’t even have to be the job I moved here for, but for Fitting Into Vegan to grow into a paying business … Or at least more compensation. That is most peoples dream.

As for workouts, I got up at 4:30 am to do a 40 min PiYo video before the plane trip and was thankful for the all day flight so I wouldn’t feel how sore my muscles were from not doing it. Going to hit the hotel gym at least once while we are here and am really hoping the apartment Megan in Coachhas an amazing gym! Fingers crossed!

No weigh in this week – couldn’t pack my scale. Next week for sure!

September 2014 Workout ChallengeHave you seen the September Workout Challenge? My outer thighs are killing me already and the roll back and up to standing? Harder than I remembered and my rolling onto my back is so not graceful.

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