New Years Resolutions – Week 45 Update

Around Old TownNote to self: never, ever, ever make your most favorite snack in the world on a Saturday – or ever. Remember, you will only end up eating it all by yourself leading to an awful gain that you will have to work off extra hard. Okay – public service announcement over. I had a pretty good week, except for the snacking; here’s my New Years Resolutions – Week 45 Update.

This will be a quickie, but wow are we coming down fast to the end of the year! This week was good, but as the intro states I overate my Chex Mix. But man it was good, and there is a reason that certain snacks should remain at holidays or special occasions only. No self-discipline at all. And I may have gained because of it, but I made sure to enjoy it so it wasn’t just a waste of eating. It was so good though. Mmm.

Around Old TownI got out this weekend, got my hair done and then walked around an area of Old Town Alexandria, where the salon is, that I hadn’t been to. Which is to say all the side streets that are around King Street. Usually I just walk down King Street to almost the Potomac River where all the shops and the farmer’s market are then walk back up King Street and head over to Whole Foods. The salon was on a side street so I decided to just walk down that street to see what shops were on it and then down to the river where I sat for a little bit. It was a gorgeous morning out for sure. Other than that didn’t do much. The hair cost a little more then I anticipated so again with the not doing much on the weekend. But I got a lot done around the apartment, and it will be the same this weekend since I will be – packing! I get to go home the week of Thanksgiving, yay!

Around Old Town Around Old Town Around Old Town





Workouts have been consistent and good, pushing myself on the weights. I am sore from doing a kick boxing video I did on Tuesday – isn’t it funny, you workout specific muscles on strength-training days, but you go and change up the routine with a different workout and boom, your muscles go into reject mode. My back is saying never, ever make us do that again. But … I think a couple advil will just need to be taken after the next video, lol.

So now for the real update:

Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +2.lbs, -1in
Total from the 1st: -.4lbs, -13in

November Monthly Workout~

Train along with me with the November Training Plan and Challenges!

I will be getting back on track to where I was – getting back to the regular workout schedule.


November Workout ChallengeChallenge yourself with me!

Get you entire backside into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun!


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