New Years Resolutions – Week 47 Update

Peanuts ThanksgivingWell it’s Thanksgiving and the last thing I know anyone wants to do is catch up with anyone besides family, so this will be short and sweet. My week at home is going great and I will be so disappointed and disheartened when I have to leave on Saturday. Going to enjoy this special family reunion to its fullest and enjoy the food that we are all eating. Very thankful for everything and everyone. Here is my super-quick New Years Resolutions – Week 47 Update.

A week home with no gym handy, I had incorporated into my monthly workout caledar the PiYo workout video daily. When that has yet to happen, but I have made sure that when I wake up super-early before anyone else is awake to do 30 minutes of body weight exercises. Tons of different squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, and other moves to help 1. keep my strength that I have built up, and 2. make sure I do something since I am feeling particularly lazy. I watch DVR’ed TV shows and sweat it up by starting each workout session with jump squats. Get the sweat going and then go from there.

Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartCan’t say the working out is working and helping me lose weight – that ship has sailed – but I am watching what I eat and trying desperately to eat lots of veggies throughout the day and trying not to gain before Thanksgiving. It may not be working but at least my outlook on eating this week is better than it has ever been while on vacation. Normally it is an all-out feed-fest but I have been more conscience about everything. So, yay me.

I truly hope every single one of you has an amazing day filled with friends, family, and good eats. Thank you all for sticking around with me and I hope your holiday season is filled with wonderful things.

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