February 2015 New Year, New Resolutions

Standing Between You and Your Goal: Bullsit storyWell January is over – and I have to add the word finally. This was a long month, not necessarily bad, but long. Made longer by this last work week with ridiculous high school drama made possible by a coworker. Best part of January though? Snow! It has been snowing here in DC and I have loved watching it. I have not seen snow in over five years, and it is about time! It is so peaceful getting to watch the snow fall, and with my boss’s window at work looking out over the river I have the most awesome views when it snows! And with an update on my January Resolution of no candy … here is my January update and my February 2015 New Year, New Resolutions.

Well work had been fine until the beautiful snow started. And yes, I am being serious. My coworker who thinks she is in charge took offense to some other admin teleworking on snow days – big whoop right? Well power prevailed and she threw up a big stink and made H@!! for the rest of us (even though I had not teleworked at all) so our lives were made stressful for the last two weeks. Again, stupid high school stuff. Another bad thing about the snow and seriously cold weather? I didn’t workout for like two weeks! It has been like high teens,  low 20s in the early mornings and I was way too cold to want to get out of bed, though I did do a few token PiYo workouts a couple mornings, but nothing to beat the stress and gain back. And since it was so cold during the day, I didn’t go after work. Excuses? Of course I have them, but it happened and I have to accept it. But let me say that seeing the number on the scale after the gains, it has really freaked me out and I am trying to come to terms with it, and move forward. I have since made it back to the gym every day this last week. Thank. Goodness!

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As for my January resolution? No candy – remember that little gem? Well I am very successful! I had no candy, and let me tell you  – it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to not have candy at work. The real trouble? Nightly eating, snacking, and wanting a sweet before bed. That has been the biggest change and challenge – actually wanting something sweet. When I ate sweets before it was out of habit or because it was just plain old there for me to take. Now, I actually feel like I need a sweet thing. I am going to try and use chocolate soy milk to fill this void at night – which is a little expensive, I mean store-bought milks are mucho money! But I have to beat this sweet-thing into submission and chocolate soy milk will help me do that!

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But all that stress at work added weight gain to my body – obviously not what I needed or wanted – and leads into my February New Years Resolution. And not the way you think for this month. I had every intention of keeping with my normal resolutions route of giving up food, but with the work drama I have chosen February to be … Budget month! Since moving to DC I have totally wiped out my savings account, which had been pretty high prior to moving. Since being here my monthly income and expenditures have not been helping me to actually save money – what little I would be able to save, that is. And since I don’t normally actually watch my money at all, just keep a running total of what is left in the account and then spend what I like, it has come time for me to actually start writing things down – tracking what I am actually I am the reasonspending. Because you never know what kind of trouble is out there and it is starting to freak me out not depositing even a little bit of money into a savings account. So the February Resolutions is called Budgeting but it is meant to mean writing down what I am taking in and what I am spending, so that come March I will hopefully be able to see how much I can start putting towards savings, and to see if I have any left over for fun things – like a monthly gym membership? Being able to take a trip (which I haven’t done in more years than I had ever thought possible)? Make another move? Wish me luck – it’s like tracking your calories. Sometimes you just don’t want to admit what you are eating – same for money!

So I have to do two resolutions this month! Why? Because Lent falls halfway through the month and I always do something for it. This year? To make sure I have a commitment to fulfill I will jog one mile every day. And since I was having so much difficulty getting to the gym in January, and all the stress of the last month too, I will be resoluting to jog every day – get the stress and ensure my behind gets to the gym! That is 40 days I will be forcing myself to run/jog (slowly most likely) daily – which is not something I have done in many, many days. So this I think will be my true challenge. Getting to the gym every day to make myself move fast than a power-walk for one mile. Again – wish me luck.

So? What are your resolutions for February? How have your resolutions been going so far?

2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy

February: Budgeting

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

Weight & Inches
Total from the 2/1/14: +.8lbs, +2.5in

4 thoughts on “February 2015 New Year, New Resolutions

  1. Great job on the candy resolution! I love chocolate soymilk too, and u think it is definitely a cravings buster. I’m sorry about all your stress at work – it does not sound fun at all. January was a super-stressful month for me too and I am hoping that as the year progresses, I’ll start to adapt to the 100% booked schedule!

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