July 2015 – New Year, New Resolution

Anyone can workoutWell June is over and it kind of flew by. It was super-busy with mostly-busy weekends, some interviews, and runs each weekend. June has been super muggy – everyone has been telling me that the DC area gets super muggy. Well I moved away from Texas to get away from that nastiness. Blech. But, with intermittent rain it’s been a beautiful summer so far – hopefully July won’t blow us out of the water with ridiculous heat and it might turn into an awesome month. Here is my June recap and July 2015 – New Year, New Resolution.

So June wasn’t too bad. My mom’s surgery was successful and she is doing awesome. She is able to do more now than she has in years and to me that is success. It’s hard to see your own success – believe me! – so I keep telling / reminding her of how far she has come. I had a couple interviews this past month – feeling pretty awesome about myself! Just getting on a cert list is hard, but actually getting the interview? Wonderful feeling, even if you end up bombing them. I don’t feel like I did so yay me – even if I don’t get them, I felt good about them. Looking at and applying for jobs in DC area as well as back in Texas and Sacramento – didn’t realize that this move would be my hardest. Missing family a lot; I think it has a lot to do with how little money I am able to save and not getting to use that money to actually go home and see family. It makes a big difference when you can fly out to see them a few times a year, but with this take-home pay? I will be lucky to get to see them at Christmas the way I’m going since I have to pay for the trip to Walt Disney World to run my 1/2 marathon 😦

Tidal Basin Newsies Musical Newsies Musical





As for my June resolution of getting out on the weekends I did great. There was only one weekend that I didn’t make it out and that was because I was falling behind on here. Being out and about on a weekend day takes up a lot of time – this may sound stupid or utterly ridiculous to some people, but when you are a food blogger all your time gets wrapped up in that. And when you also work full-time and get up before the sun to get your workouts in, doing much of anything besides veggie out in front of the TV during the week is all your mind can think about. So weekends are my time to shop, cook, photograph, write, edit, and schedule my stuff. And it takes more time than you would think! But, I got out and saw the sights. The coolest thing was getting a tour of the Capitol – getting to see the inside of a building that I have only gotten to see right before it’s blown up in movies was really cool. The other thing that was awesome was jogging/walking the mall. My goal is once a month to go and do that run. It’s about 4 1/2 miles around and it has to be done right when the sun is peeking out because of the heat and humidity, but I am going to jog the whole thing – not jog and walk! But the all-time best thing of June was getting to see Newsies the musical off Broadway. Oh my gosh did I love Newsies when I was a teenager – I totally annoyed my parents with the movie, but my BFF and I would watch it and sing the whole time. The musical was so good – the dancers were amazing!

US Capitol US Capitol US Capitol





So July resolution. I have to get my nighttime eating under Fridge Lightcontrol. Well, snacking in general because I am so embarrassed by my weight and my eating in general is nowhere near where it used to be. I look back on the MyFitnessPal app and see how much I weighed last year and remember how upset I was that I weighed that much. I wish I could weigh that now. I have gained over 10 pounds since moving here – that is appalling! I had done so well, lost so much weight, fit into all my clothes, was proud of how I looked in my workout clothes. And now? Talk about trying to hide everything because half my stuff doesn’t fit. I know that my eating at night is not necessarily out of control – I don’t stay up until 2am eating or anything – but I have gotten into the habit of snacking after “dinner.” Not a good habit at all. And it is never anything bad either – usually just roasted, unsalted peanuts. But just the fact that I have that habit and it is hindering me mentally means I need to break it … and not fill it in with something else! So my July resolution is no eating after 7pm, and if I absolutely need something then I will have hot chocolate or decaf tea. I think that’s a good goal for a long month!


So? What are your resolutions for July? How have your resolutions been going so far?

2015 Resolutions:

January: No Candy – had some slips but back on track

February: Budgeting – getting harder to keep up with this!!!!

Lent, February 18 – April 2: Jog 1 Mile Every Day

March: Eating Homemade Goodies Only – still going strong!

April: Clean Eating – hoping to keep this up – except for the candy slips this is going good

May: Workout Calendar and Challenges – need to make or look for one to fit my needs / training

June: Get Out and About On Weekends – completed except for bad weather

July: No Eating After 7pm

Weight & Inches
Total: +6lbs, +1in (I didn’t weigh in June because I was in San Antonio – so +6lbs since May 1st – blech!)

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