New Year, New Resolutions – May 2016

Don't Let the Scale Define YouOh April, how you did nothing good for me weight-wise. Grr, and of course it had nothing to do with the month, just the inside of my head and total lack of motivation. I’m telling you, once your mind gets used to having all the “good” stuff – i.e. bad for you stuff – it just takes advantage of that and that little voice says, Yes, of course it’s okay to eat. Hah! No it isn’t but that didn’t stop me. So here is my New Year, New Resolutions – May 2016 update.

These past couple updates all sound the same and it’s getting a little annoying on my part having to write the same no-motivation posts. Because I have it, I mean I make it to the gym and I make and take healthy meals for work. But it’s the weekend and night times that I don’t do good. And for the past four months I had allowed Starbucks back into my life, and if you have ever had a Sbux addiction then If You Want A Happy Life - Goals Not Peopleyou know that 1. it’s an expensive habit, and 2. it’s a calorific habit too! It had become a daily habit and I finally took that addiction by the shorthairs and decided I did not want to continue to spend the money or calories on it, so I told my cousin that I was only going to buy it on weekends to have as a treat – if I bought it during the week then I had to pay her one dollar – that may not seem like a lot, but this is my third week of being weekday Sbux free. So yeah me!

I decided for May I am easing back into the Elimination Diet / Clean Eating style eating – weekdays for sure, weekends trying really hard. I am letting my mind get used to the idea again of all that healthy eating. I have always had after work / night time eating problems and I think I need to go back to that no eating after 7pm resolution from last July. This may be a hard one since I don’t get home from the gym until 6:30 some nights, so it may be 7:30, but this is the May resolution – because like in that July post? I am It Doesn't Matter Did or Didn't Doembarrassed by my weight again. Granted I am not at that weight from then, but I am embarrassed by my weight now – and if I am being honest, I am going to see my family at the end of the month and I don’t want to be embarrassed by my weight. Grr – why do we have to care so much about our weight? (insert rolled eyes)

Now for the important stuff:

Weight & Inches
Total: +3lbs, +1.5in

Get some Pinterest motivation here – Better Your Body

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