Update – 2nd Week of Elimination Diet

healthy habitsWell this is not as hard as I thought it would be. Hopefully the next two weeks won’t be difficult! I was able to stop eating crap on a dime and got rid of a bunch of stuff in the cupboards and fridge that I hadn’t eaten or thought about. I have lost weight (woohoo!) but still have the itchy bumps, but I keep remembering that two weeks isn’t enough time to detox your system. So I wait. And hope. But I have to say, this last week I was thinking – maybe I could keep this up? Would I want or be able to live free of all that stuff? Here is my Update – 2nd Week of Elimination Diet.

So yeah – not too bad so far. The first couple days of eating were the weekend – generally the hardest time for me, but I did my time on the treadmill and focused on eating properly – and actually made it out of the weekend with a loss! And it continued on until the following weekend. Last Sunday I at too many potatoes. Yes, potatoes. I think the potatoes, combined with the rapid loss of 7 pounds, were the final straw and my body was like, Whoa, Hold Up Here. You want this weight off? Work harder for it! So I am. I have not been this conscience of what I am eating in a very long time. With the last two years of stress (all job or money related) I totally overlooked everything and could not “see” what I was doing. I know I focus on recipe prep and cooking, but sometimes it is just about comfort. And yes, that is what food is. A big warm hug; a buddy to beat the boredom; a friend to listen and vent to. (also the T.V., but whatever). I beat all that off with a stick the first week, then that amazingly not-too-sweet Trail Mix Granola? Just having a proper “snack” in the house over the weekend made me remember how easy that hand-to-mouth move is and that I “missed” it – or so my mind said. So I ate it of course. And enjoyed it. And now I can move on past that snack time and that weight gain and not be mad about either. I knew a gain was going to be coming – my body loves this game. Lose a little, gain a little. I expected it, and was not upset – me! No tantrum when I saw the scale read-out! Wow – talk dear fat-prepare to dieabout brain elimination. Not only is this “diet” beating out the offending toxins from my body, but my brain also!

Well. My skin I may be more than okay about my weight loss but I had hoped for an overnight clear-up. Or at least instantly. But again, I have to remember that things won’t clear up fast. It takes time .. but I am starting to wonder if maybe there are other things I’m allergic to? All nuts? That would be life-altering that’s for dang sure! Something to not think about. So I wait. And hope that when I feel an itch on my face that it’s mental and not some physical manifestation of something. I don’t even know what. Frustrating for sure!

So I’m doing good. Below is a list of what I’m actually eating. Both weeks are the same for breakfast and dinner, lunch is what I’ve made the last two weeks.

Weekday: Breakfast-cinnamon/maple syrup Scottish Oats, apple, 2 peaches; Lunch-recipe, cucumber; Dinner-2 banana iced smoothie w/unsweetened milk, almonds

Weekend: Random-can’t help it, it’s just random. Always loaded with veggies, maybe a little grain.


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