Review: Go Raw

Go Raw LogoI don’t know about you but the one diet that seems a little too elusive, or just plain hard, is the raw food diet. Only eating raw foods, not cooking things? That just seems too hard. Sprouting nuts and seeds? A little weird. But when I look at all the recipes out there that are raw – and all the desserts? Oh man, talk about amazing and absolutely yummy looking! Like I would rather dive right into those desserts over the total sugar-loaded normal baked desserts. But then there is the snacking. How do you get to enjoy snacking on a raw diet? I get the nuts – but how do you have fun with it? In comes Go Raw snack packs. Oh goodness, you will love the flavors they have come up with!

I received free products for review. I was not compensated for my time. All opinions, as always, are my own.

I received four products to try out from Go Raw – a totally raw food snack company! Raw food snacks? Already made for you? Heck yes! The founder of Go Raw, Rob Freeland, studied at a health institute and noticed the lack of raw foods on the market and did something about it! He created Go Raw in 2002 with just a dream and a small team and turned it into a well-know nationally stocked (Whole Foods anyone?) snacking company! The Go Raw company went from working alone in a small retail space in 2002 just making some flax crackers and selling them at a farmers market to a 4000 square foot space with 10 staff in 2005, to a 65,000 square foot space with 100 staff in 2015 – quick work of becoming a snacking power house! Go Raw is certified Organic, Non GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Kosher. They are all also free of soy, nuts, and dairy – all perfect for my elimination diet!


So the only savory snack in my box was the Pizza Flax Snack – a flax-packed snack cracker. When you open the bag you immediately know it’s pizza and thankfully that is exactly was you feel like your devouring when your eating them! They have all the flavors of your normal pizza sauce with all the fiber-filled goodness that seeds can give you. These are also the perfect little crunch for when you are on a diet and pretty much gave up anything with a crunch that isn’t a vegetable. They are so flavorful and filling that you don’t need too many to satisfy the crunch you are craving. They have a little bit of an aftertaste but nothing ridiculous. I kept eating them, so you know they are good!

The sweetest snack I got was the Sweet Spirulina Bites. These little babies tasted like sweet banana chips! Again these little bites are crunchy but they’re also super-sweet being sweetened with spirulina – which I don’t think I’ve ever had, but if they are a natural and raw sugar-substitute I am sold! Don’t be thrown off by the color of these little bites – they are green – because after the first bite you will not be able to stop eating them, they are so good!

Go Raw Snack BoxThe so-so (again, my own opinion) snack I got were the Carrot Cake Sprouted Cookies. Probably the reason I say so-so is because they taste like coconut. I am so not a coconut lover, and if it’s in something then it needs to be covered up with another strong-flavored something. Like bananas. Or chocolate. Or strawberries. Something. These little crunchy cookies are packed with all the goodness as all the other snacks I got, but I just couldn’t get past the coconut flavor to actually taste any carrot cake. The cake flavor was so slight that it was overtaken. I’m sure a coconut lover would gobble these up though!

And the most surprising snack I got were the Sprouted Watermelon Seeds! I never actually knew you could sprout and eat watermelon seeds! They were always the seed that you were told to spit out because a watermelon would grow in your belly! These seeds taste so good – savory not sweet – and I would totally add these to any salad I’m eating. They have a slight SW taste to them – kind of lime-ish. I don’t know why since they are only seasoned with Celtic sea salt, but they are addicting and thankfully only came in a small packet. ‘Cause I could throw them back by the palmful!

And after visiting the Go Raw site and seeing all the other stuff they have, you know what I want to try? The Apple Cinnamon and Cocoa Crunch sprouted granola‘s; the Ginger Snap and the Chocolate sprouted cookies; and the Banana Bread Flax Bar; ALL the chocolate‘s; and the Rowdy Ranch and Thousand Island salad snack‘s … pretty much everything else they sell! It was all so good and I want to keep these snacks on hand!

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