New Year, New Resolutions – March 2016

Weight Gain Does Not Make Me A FailureSo – it’s March already and it doesn’t feel like February was really here. The shorter month made for a shorter month – or at least it seems that everything just kind of flew by. I don’t know if that’s a good thing and I actually did a ton of stuff and felt busy, or if the month was just so long feeling that I’m glad it’s over. Maybe a little of both? Probably. I don’t think a lot went on, so I’ll keep it short – here is this months New Year, New Resolutions – March 2016.

So – two months down and I am realizing that not making any real resolutions to stick to is really hindering me. I am so used to being disciplined and/or strict in my eating that not having anything to focus on is not helping with my weight loss … more like it’s helping with my weight gain! This is not good, and yes, I am about to make some resolutions. Also when you see the scale going up, you think over the last few months when you had been doing so good and you decided to look back over what you had actually been eating and see what’s been different – you know, besides the candy that found it’s way back into your life. Just to remind yourself and keep in the forefront of your mind that yes, things have changed that much food-wise. What I’ve been making and what snacks have been coming more readily have changed drastically and I don’t like it. I don’t like not having that control. Time for a real change. I need to really put more nutritional thought into my food choices and make that a focus instead of just having fun with recipe creating. My recipes need to help me, not hinder me because even if they aren’t all bad, overeating anything is bad. And I am awesome at overeating.

Gain ConfidenceMy workouts have been going good and I am enjoying going to bootcamp classes, but I had been feeling really tired and not motivated the last few months.  I made it to the gym, but some days it felt more like I was barely there instead totally rocking it. I equated this feeling to either completing my half marathon and needing a training break or from just not feeling it. Well I finally got my blood work back from the doctors … and I am “sufficiently low in iron and anemic” and my B12 is lower than the doc would like – and that is just since August. So somewhere in my Elimination Diet I totally messed with my body and now I have to start taking over-the-counter vitamins again to get myself back to where it’s supposed to be. Iron and B12 both have a lot to do with your body and how it runs and iron regulates your body and keeps you from being tired. I thought I could just eat plant-based and keep my body going without pills but I guess not …? But hopefully getting the pills back in me means I will be able to get to the gym and actually enjoy it enough to put more effort in – because I’m thinking that I need another workout resolution also … like maybe another half marathon?

Resolutions and self-control all come down to one thing for me. My weight. If I don’t like the number on the scale in the morning it affects my attitude, my perception of myself, just everything. And since I can change what I put in my mouth then it is something that I can do to better myself. Will I be perfect? No – I know myself well enough to know that I won’t be perfect. But anything is better than right now.

Now for the important stuff:

Weight & Inches
Total: +3.4lbs, +2.8in

Get some Pinterest motivation here – Better Your Body

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