Snack Attack – Guilt Free Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice CreamO.M.G!  I love ice cream-have loved it forever, and boy does my body love it too! And yes, I do mean love in the sense it holds on to the calories adds them to my stomach and hips.  I have really come to love making my own “ice cream” with frozen bananas.  I have made it many times with the same old recipe I used before, but have been wanting to add variety.  And wow, did a huge thought bubble hit me…Guilt Free Coffee Ice Cream!

Guilt free?  Yes.  I say YES to guilt free ice cream.  And not the thin metal covering kind of gilt either.  I am talking banana ice cream with Pacific Foods all natural chocolate hemp milk and Starbucks Via instant coffee.  All frozen and blended together.  Oh man, this is making me want to go to the freezer and get some!

Coffee Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream





I have been going through a sugar withdrawal and I don’t know why.  I never really look back at things I miss after I give them up-but sugar.  Sheesh, it really does have a pull to it.  I even found myself buying some candy, and I haven’t done that in months! Not good, not good at all.

Coffee Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice CreamCoffee Ice Cream


So here is my own guilt free version of a snack to satisfy my sugar withdrawal.  It is so super simple to make banana ice cream, I hope you have all tried it!  This one is amazing, with the coffee.  Just an FYI though, be sure to buy the decaf if you want this for any time of day and don’t want to be up all night 🙂  And I have to say that the hemp milk, which I have never had before, was so rich and creamy that it was the perfect addition with the bananas and coffee.


Guilt Free Coffee Ice Cream, 6 servings

10 Bananas

2 Starbucks Via

1 C Pacific Foods Chocolate Hemp Milk

1.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
2.  Carefully slice bananas into chunks and spread evenly over baking sheet.
3.  Freeze bananas for about an hour.  I only did them for 45 minutes, because I wanted to an easier time processing everything.
4.  Dump bananas into food process or high-powered blender.
5.  In glass measuring cup, measure milk and dump in Via packets.
6.  Stir milk and Via then microwave 30 seconds. (It smells amazing when hot!)
7.  Pour liquid into food processor and start it up.
8.  Blend about 2-3 minutes until desired consistency.
9.  Pour into dishes or plastic freezer containers.
10. Enjoy!
Calories:  217
Total Fat:  1g
Sodium:  27
Total Carbs:  56g
Protein: 2g

4 thoughts on “Snack Attack – Guilt Free Coffee Ice Cream

  1. I can feel your pain 😀 I am also (sadly) a sugar junkie – my current problem are sweet sticky (wonderful) medjool dates! anyway…
    I love banana based ice cream. The addition of coffee is a great idea. Will try that – soon. Thanks.

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