Summer Pumpkin Pie

Summer Pumpkin PieSo my most favorite pie in the world is pumpkin pie-specifically my dad’s pumpkin pie.  There is nothing special about it (besides him), he just follows the Libby recipe on the can, but he is the only one that makes the pie in our family and I love it.  Unfortunately it only happens once or twice a year-Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Not totally bad cause it is a calorie bomb, but I have found nirvana!  Summer Pumpkin Pie!

I have come to seriously love banana ice cream!  It is the total guilty pleasure-so guiltily and pleasurable that I eat dessert for dinner, because I love it that much and would rather have a couple servings of “ice-cream” then an actual dinner.  And seeing as it is bananas only, I can’t get a more healthy dinner right?  And I love the banana ice cream so much I will continue to make new recipes! So can’t wait!

Well this pumpkin pie is obviously a banana pumpkin pie.  You will never look at pumpkin pie the same again after this; it really is the most amazing, yummy and super quick and easy pie ever.  No baking, which in the current San Antonio heat is a must.  And it is the perfect thing for a potluck or BBQ because when it is totally frozen it is good but when you let it get a little soft, oh man.  Addicting.  Like dinner addicting.  And with the pumpkin and pumpkin spice you don’t even realize it is banana ice cream.

Summer Pumpkin PieSummer Pumpkin PieSummer Pumpkin PieSummer Pumpkin Pie





So for the healthiest pumpkin pie ever all I did was use all the left over bananas I had-from the freezer and the ones gone bad in the fridge.  Don’t you hate when good bananas go bad-I do just because I feel like I wasted the money, since my intention when buying them is to never use them as a frozen baking filler but as workout snacks…so if they end up in the freezer it means I didn’t workout.  But, for this I used the thawed out bananas, maple syrup, a can of pumpkin and pumpkin spice. Easy.

Summer Pumpkin PieSummer Pumpkin Pie

The only unhealthy thing of the pie was the crust.  I have been trying to do gluten-free, not for my own health really just because it is a new adventure.  Since I am not adventurous in my food this isn’t really as scary as it was to go clean-eating.  I have gotten so used to dry, dense and not sweet stuff that trying different gluten-free things just isn’t as scary to me.  That is good, because it opens up other options…but this crust.  Oh man-not clean or sugar-free or good calorie wise.  But the graham cracker crust so added the most amazing cookie flavor. Mmmmm.


Summer Pumpkin PieSummer Pumpkin Pie: 8 servings

8 Bananas, frozen and not
1 Can Libby’s Pumpkin
1 Tbsp Pumpkin Seasoning
2 Tbsp Maple Grove Farms 100% Pure Maple Syrup
1 Pie Crust
1.  Set up food processor or high power blender.
2.  Chunk up bananas and drop into processor.
3.  Open can of pumpkin and scrape into processor.
4.  Measure out pumpkin spice and syrup and pour in.
5.  Let food processor whirl until fully mixed together.
6.  Pour carefully into pie crust (I had about one serving left which I ate of the processor bowl 🙂 )
7.  Freeze about 3-4 hours.
8.  Enojoy!!!
Calories:  215
Total Fat: 6g
Sodium:  112mg
Total Carbs: 43g
Protein: 3g
A Healthy Vegan Friday

Healthy Vegan Fridays

9 thoughts on “Summer Pumpkin Pie

  1. This sounds so delicious Megan! I’ve never eaten pumpkin pie (Australians don’t really know about this tradition… or at least, we don’t maintain it over here) but I like glazed pumpkin with cinnamon so I can imagine how good it would be. I do like banana ice cream though, so I am so tempted to try this! Thanks for the recipe. I love how certain ingredients draw us back to specific moments in time with loved ones. It’s nice to hear ahout your dad xx

    • I agree-some foods just have the best memories! You should definitaley try some type of pumpkin pie! It is amazing. Glazed pumpkin with cinnamon sounds wonderful-kind of like baked sweet potato with cinnamon!

    • THANKS!! I went and made it as a couple servings-I just blended half the bananas and a little less pumpkin (just taste after blending and see how much more you may need) and voila! Portion out and freeze.

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