Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili

Crockpot Leftover Queso ChiliI do love a good chili, and with the temps dropping yet again in San Antonio (they were up to almost 70 degrees for awhile) it is time for another warm meal.  This chili is only a few ingredients, which is awesome since the end of the pay-period is near and funds are low after the holidays.  Here is my Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili.

This chili is just a bag of dried beans, which I soaked overnight in the crockpot.  This really is a one-pot wonder.  After soaking I drained and rinsed the beans then washed out the crockpot bowl.  Just an FYI to you, I did not use all the beans.  I soaked the entire bag, but didn’t add the beans until my cut up veggies were added.  I used four cups of the soaked beans.


Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili




The veggies were simple, just one large sweet potato and one package of whole button mushrooms.  Below is in the ingredients picture two packages are shown, but after chopping the sweet potato, I didn’t think I would have a lot of room left for the second package.  I added the four cups of beans and that was it.

The main ingredient in this chili is the leftover queso from my Zucchini Nachos, Cashew Queso and Homemade Guac.  I had so much of the leftover Post Punk Kitchen queso that I knew I was going to have to come up with another use.  Chili was the ticket!  Add the queso and the last two cups of the veg stock to the crockpot first and turn on high.  Stir the stock and queso carefully so you don’t have any spillage.  After the veggies and beans are added put on the lid.

Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili Crockpot Leftover Queso Chili





The cook time will vary for everyone, but for me I only stirred once every hour.  My beans finally softened at the four hour mark.  I added the mustard greens, then put the lid on and let it go for another hour.  Let cool a little then portion out and enjoy.  The queso was super spicy, so no extra heat or spices are necessary.  Some creamy avocado or cool vegan sour cream would be great with it.

Crockpot Leftover Queso ChiliCrockpot Leftover Queso Chili,

3/4 Queso Recipe
2 C Imagine Vegetable Stock
1 Large Sweet Potato, washed and chopped small
1 Pkg Whole Button Mushrooms, washed and chopped small
4 C Black Beans, soaked and rinsed
1 Pkg Frozen Mustard Greens

1.  Turn on crockpot to high and add queso and stock.  Mix carefully.
2.  Wash and chop the sweet potato and mushrooms and add to pot.
3.  Add beans and stir. Put lid on tight.
4.  Once an hour stir. After second hour tip lid so air can move through.
5.  At hour four (or when your beans are almost done) add mustard greens. Tip lid slightly. Let heat for one hour.
6.  Let cool slightly, portion out and Enjoy!

**I know this has a lot of calories, but it is so good and full of healthy fats and carbs
Calories:  453
Total Fat:  10g
Sodium:  224mg
Total Carbs:  83g
Protein:  26

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