New Years Resolution Week 2 Update

Week 2 UpdateDo you ever feel like or have that week where everything is trying to knock you down?  Or you just keep getting pushed and pushed to a breaking point?  Or like you just can’t catch a break?  That was this week for me.  Here is my New Years Resolution Week 2 Update.

Gosh, bleeping, what a week.  And since I post these on a Wednesday to Wednesday update that means last week and this week.  Work was a b!t@h with me having to put aside an important event prep that needed attention to focus on an office move…where I unknowingly pissed someone off and had to have the new boss talk to me…excuse me?  Seriously?  The reason for this?  Supposedly I was inconsiderate…yep, me with my all-too-true abrasive personality hurt someones feelings.  Well, sorry.  Couldn’t help that the new boss wants to put too much on my plate and move an entire office to a new location and I stepped (or crushed) some toes in the process.  Humph.  And now I have to work with this person who was so pissed before and is now being fake to my face.  Again, humph.

Then while all this was happening, and me trying to fit in time during the day and at night to apply for jobs, I got the ole You Suck letters from two companies that I thought I would at least get interviews for.  The “You Suck” letter is the rejection letter.  Reject, you suck, same thing.  I thought these two jobs were a shoe-in since they both contacted me for further information, but alas, I suck.  And have no prospects.  Again.  Why the need for a new job?  Because the new boss is making everyone reapply for our positions, along with Never stoptransitioning into a new department, so there is no guarantee in two months that I will have my current position.  And even if I did get the position he is lowering the pay by at least $7,000.  Yeah, job app time is here. (know of any?)

And along with all those other nuggets of fun, I didn’t get any recognition for anything I have done this week.  Oh, the boss did say thanks for organizing the move, but the event that I helped put on for Sunday (my day off)?  Yeah, someone else got the thanks for ensuring people showed up.  And how about when you have helped people with personal things and they don’t give you any recognition, and either take all the thanks or suddenly have other people helping with what you had or were doing.  Craptacular.


I need to remember this!

On the bright side, I felt like I had more control over my eating last week.  The addition of overnight oatmeal and queso chili last week was so filling and nutritious that I didn’t feel deprived or antsy to eat more.  I got home and had either canned soup with extra veggies added or homemade pumpkin / banana ice cream.  Both yummy and comforting which is what last week needed.  This week for breakfasts is celery with peanut butter (major comfort food!) and lunches is spinach and artichoke pasta.  The celery / pb gives me the crunch and hand-to-mouth movements that I miss sometimes, and the pasta is just dang good.

On the flip side, I had a spur-of-the-moment mind blip at the grocery store and bought my favorite “chip”, Harvest Snaps, the yummiest snap pea crisps ever.  But then I felt bad about buying them and didn’t know what to do.  Then I decided to make them my pre-workout food.  I portioned out five ziplock baggies of the crisps (you get 22 per serving) and then I can work it off and feel less guilt.  Works for me.

The workouts that I planned out have gotten easier, thankfully.  I feel stronger and tons more focused and am super proud of the Thursday jog 2/walk 2.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it for the 45 minutes but – woohoo me, I did.  I was very proud that morning.  My Mondays seem easier and also fly by because I am only on a machine for 15 minutes, and that makes it seem so short while I am there, which is great since it’s a Monday 🙂

Plank WorksAs for the planks…yeesh!  I could not have chosen a harder challenge!  Ten 60 second planks with only 10 second breaks?  Mountain climbers?  Side planks and regular?  Wholy cow was this an experience, and a painful one too.  Not so painful during the day after it was all over thankfully, but at the time…yuck.  And having to hold myself up after doing hard strength circuit training or jogging, my thighs were on fire.  But I saw this pic on Pinterest and it made it all worthwhile seeing what I am getting from these planks.  And I also have to say, that while doing the strength circuit training, my arms and back are feeling stronger, and I upped my weight a little.  Progress is great!

PS-this is probably the most personal I have gotten on this blog – since it started as a food blog, I tried to keep my personality in the commentary but not let me in it.  Adding in my fitness and eating challenges, as well as, daily life I am going to be adding more of me.  Hope you don’t mind!

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: -8 ounces & -1 inch
Total from the 1st: -1.8 pounds & -4 inches

January 2014 Workout Calendar

Train along with me!

So how has your week been?  Hopefully not as down-in-the dumps as mine.  Hopefully you didn’t crunch toes or hurt feelings.  Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other peoples positive progress just as much as mine 🙂

Plank Challenge

Plank it Along With Me

Follow along on my fitness plan and plank challenge…and join the painful fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution Week 2 Update

  1. Sorry about the work sitch – you deserve way better, but it know how much the job search is miserable. In a former life, I reviewed and revised resumes for a living, so I’d be happy to look it over it you needed some help! Just let me know!

    Great progress health-wise though – sometimes stress at work fuels an amazing body transformation!

    • Thanks, it is hard when you like what you do but someone comes in and wants to totally change things around. I would love to have you look over my resume if you have time. That would be awesome!

      I thought I did remarkably well health and fitness wise this week with all the work crap going on. Love that kind of progress 🙂

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