New Years Resolution – Week 19 Update

Week 19 UpdateHow is your May going so far? This week has been a trial for me. Major weight fluctuation that sent me off my rocker quite quickly. People tell me not to weigh everyday, that it messes with my mind, but I say that not seeing the destruction of myself is what messes with my head. But luckily the weight only messes with my eating, not about my confidence in interviews and talking about myself… 🙂 My interview last Friday went pretty well, but … no word from that one or the one last week on Monday. Sucky, but staying positivish. Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 19 Update.

Nobody CaresSo I don’t know if you have ever read the blog The Gluten-Free Treadmill but she is awesome. Not only does Laura run marathons and trained for a 100k (wow!) but she recently posted Unhealthy which is about it being okay to allow yourself to eat junk. And not beat yourself about it. Which is what I tend to do when I eat junk. Which, yes, I have been buying which is what I totally gave up for New Years. Why? Stress most likely, because each time I buy it I am kicking myself, then I eat it and can’t stop. Whether it is jelly beans or crackers, it doesn’t matter. The result is the same. And the worst part? Eating it too fast and not getting to enjoy it, or eating too much of it that I feel sick after. Yuck on both. But this week I made a conscience effort to just be okay with eating it. And trying to enjoy. Not going to say it was easy, but I did allow myself to buy it then ate the treats after work (which is my worst eating time). I tried to be portion-controlled but even that wasn’t easy. But I did it. And it is okay. Jelly beans won’t hurt me. Nor will too much light chocolate soy milk. Or Body, Mindsalty crackers…anyone else getting hungry?

I have been continuing with the monthly workout, but only doing the walking tape. I mean I am not going to get upset for not having variety – I am doing something and that is okay. The challenge though is great. Each day is a different leg workout and some of them really do kick you in the booty and cause pain then next day – laying down lower leg lift really got my inner thighs screeching for sure. I also, tried to, help out at the parents last weekend but my mom got on me because my sciatic nerve on my left side has been hurting from the week before. But exercise is exercise mom and I am an awesome daughter (I am batting my eyes in all my humble goodness) and will continue to help. I mean, I would rather be the one hurting than my parents! So this weekend is digging and hauling and dumping dirt from one location to another – doesn’t sound to taxing does it? A huge dump truck full? Hmm, I am thinking I will old-granny sore again. But a workout is a workout. Wanna see what has been happening? My mom has her own blog, and she took pics of the Crape Myrtles we planted.

So now for the real update: (Ugh!!!) Weight & Inches Total from Last Week: +5.4lbs, +2in Total from the 1st: -2lbs, -7.5in Like my Pinterest inspirations? Follow my Better Your Body board!

May 14 Workout ScheduleTrain along with me with the May Training Plan and Challenges! We will be working hard at home with workout DVDs this month!

So how has your week been? Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :) ~+


May 14 ChallengeChallenge yourself with me! Get you entire body into awesome shape! Really, it’s fun! Lift that booty; tone those legs; kill those shoulders; rip those abs! Let’s do it!!

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