New Years Resolutions – Week 26 Update

We did it. We have made it through half of the year. I may have had some major ups and downs that first half that really wore on me – wore me down to the point of exhaustion in my body and my mind, but week 26 has proved to be better than the last few weeks have been. Got an interview done and over, my boss told me he received a call regarding a reference for me and there were more jobs to apply for here in San Antonio. Well yeah! Here is my New Years Resolutions – Week 26 Update.

Own worst enemySo my yay news may not be health or fitness related but, dang! It has been a long month of stress related to my job – another month of not knowing if I would be staying on through the end of the month, also I just moved so gearing up for that was stress-inducing. But yay for interviews and reference calls. And, yes, woohoo for the boss giving a good ref for me (or so he said). Still waiting to see if anything comes from the good ref, but I will take the positive where I can get it. And now it’s the 4th of July and a holiday weekend so I will be trying (desperately) to hold onto the positive attitude through my 4 day weekend. What does too-long weekends do to me? Makes me hungry. Or just bored. Whichever – both lead to the same thing, and that is eating. So I will be kickin’ the walking DVDs butt this weekend to force a loss!

Pull it togetherSo I had hoped I would get the PiYo workout videos and be able to talk about them but FedEx didn’t mail them until Monday and the website says I won’t get them until next Monday, which means that I probably won’t be able to give a good review for about two weeks. It’s a bummer cause I really want to try them – not saying it will be sun-shining amazing or world-changing but I have been longing to try it and let me say that it has been a very long time since I have longed to try any workout. Like. Any. Workout. So the sooner it gets here the better in my book! And, have you done the first couple days of the July Workout Challenge? Come on try it! I have – yes, I did! – and am sweating after I am done. And the first couple days only takes like 10 minutes tops but all that jumping has me panting and a little sweat trickle happens. So by the time the end of the month rolls around I will be drenched and it will definitely take me more than 10 minutes to complete all that!

So – short and sweet again.

So now for the real update:
Weight & Inches
Total from Last Week: +2lbs, +1in
Total from the 1st: -3lbs, -9in

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July WorkoutsTrain along with me with the July Training Plan and Challenges! We will be working hard at home with workout DVDs this month!

So how has your week been? Let me know how your resolutions are going, I love other people’s positive progress more so than mine :)


July 2014 ChallengeChallenge yourself with me! Get you entire body into awesome shape!


Really, it’s fun! Lift that booty; tone those legs; kill those shoulders; rip those abs!

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